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10 Muslim Men Influencers to Follow

Miriam Benzari

The influencer business is a big business nowadays! As the name implies, influencers have a strong influence on the consumers that follow them. This time around, our list of Muslim influencers is all about the Muslim brothers who are doing great things for their communities—teaching their followers Arabic or a new Surah, or giving them all a laugh when they really need it. 

1. Khalid Al Ameri:

If you want the best storytelling and well thought-out videos, Khalid Al Ameri should already be in your list of Instagram follows. We had to add an influencer who will be sure to make you laugh through all his relatable videos. Khalid doesn’t just steal the show, he is always accompanied by his equally funny wife Salama, and all their videos will have you saying, “My spouse does that too.”  May Allah bless Khalid Al Ameri Ameen!

2. Mustafa Ahmed:

Mustafa is a Poet and writer from Canada. He began his rise to fame in 2014 and has gained national attention from multiple celebrities who have reposted and admired his work. After becoming noticed for his many talents, Mustafa has been writing for some of the entertainment industry’s best!  May Allah bless Brother Mustafa Ameen!

3. Dr. Faraj Hasan:

You probably are familiar with this influencer from the time he lead the First Ever Taraweeh Prayer in Times Square New York on the first night of Ramadan in 2022. MashaAllah, Dr. Faraj's beautiful recitation went viral that night, and his platform has been viral for quite some time being that Dr. Faraj involves his followers with his RECITE WITH ME side-by-side recitations of Quran! It's never too late to learn Arabic or a new Surah—so when following Dr. Hasan, you are sure to see his page filled with the remembrance of ALLAH! Let us not forget his reels of all his travels around the world spreading awareness for various Islamic charities all while taking us through his journey through Dental school. May Allah bless Dr. Faraj Ameen.

4. Jae Deen:

If you remember the Deen Squad, you know who Jae Deen is. While following Jae you’ll see as he shares some of his new martial on his social media, and he even shares his travels through Ghana, Saudi, Egypt, and many more places. If you don’t know Jae Deen, well now you know—he is the GOAT of Salams App ads!   

5. HoopFinnesse

So you may feel like you’re seeing double on social media, but you’re not. Muhammad and Musa Abdul-Aleem are twins. Muhammad has a fun social media platform where he performs fun skits with him and his wife about marriage, Arabic, and promoting Islamic hadith. He has also  established the “HoopFinesse Basketball Tour”, where he traveled the states helping assist the youth in their basketball skills and also supplemented the teachings of our religion within his basketball camps. Muhammad is an African American Muslim influencer, and an amazing example of being a righteous Muslim with a goal wanting to spread positivity and wisdom to the youth, allowing them to express themselves in every way possible. 

6. Abraham

Ibrahim is a muslim brother knows the importance of the hadith “Jennah is at the foot of your mother” as his social media highlights fun interactions with his mama in a funny way. He shows how easy it is for parents of multilingual backgrounds to mispronounce certain English words while his mom and him are able to laugh it off. He promotes positive messages on social media and helps to support many Islamic charities. Aberhaam is pursuing his medical degree and is the right balance of smart and funny. Follow him to laugh along with him and his wonderful mama! May Allah bless Ibrahim with all that is good Ameen!

  7. Yusuf Truth

Is an Influential Quran Reciter, Life Style Blogger, Health Influencer, and all around positive Muslim brother! He has his own Youtube Channel where he blogs about different parts of his life, his friendships, his family relationships, and his modest fashion attire as a muslim man. Follow Yusuf Truth if you want to hear some beautiful Quran recitation, to get some  inspo about what type of cologne to wear,  or even find out what Islamic books you could read. May Allah increase Yusuf in all that is good! Ameen

8. Musa Abdul-Aleem:  

"The Masjid is Open! The Masjid is Op1n!", if you remember that viral video in the Era of Covid of a young brother being so excited about the opening of the masjid after Quarantine measures, you should know that brother was Musa Abdul-Aleem. Musa's twin is Muhammad Abdul Aleem, and some people get the two confused. The twins' dynamic is inspirational, the videos of his wife and children are amazing, and their relationship with their father is beautiful MashaAllah. Make sure to follow Musa and watch as he travels the world, recites Quran, makes you laugh a little and shares videos and photos of his family. You don’t have to be a fan of basketball to enjoy Brother Musa’s page. May Allah bless Brother Musa Ameen!

9. Nadir Nahdi

Nadir Nahdi is a Muslim Traveler, Foodie, and Filmmaker! Be inspired as he travels the world learning the story of the different food dishes common to the area. What he finds is that food is a key part of the community and there’s always a story to be told. You can learn about the origins of Coffee in different parts of the world, the origin of various fruits and what they are used for traditionally, and more. Follow Nadir! May Allah bless brother Nadir Ameen!

10. Muhsin Cason: 

The MuslimBoxer is an athlete, comedian, father, and husband. Muhsin's platform will motivate you to to workout and box, as well as fall over from laughing so hard. His muslim humor and musical remixes about Islamic topics will keep you on your toes about what he will post next. Muhsin not only boxes, but supports various charities in the ring. As you follow Cason you’ll see him share highlights from his boxing matches, traveling the world, reciting Quran, humorous videos, and get a peek into his personal life. 

Of all these Muslim men influencers, who are you following first? We have given you quite a list, including doctors, travelers, poets, podcasters, comedians, and even athletes, so you’ll have a lot of clicking to do! Let us know who you favorite is!

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