Shia Dating

If you are just getting started with finding a potential spouse, then you might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of Shia dating. You know you need to find someone who interprets the Quran in the same way that you do so that your relationship can be built on a foundation of faith. But how do you find people you connect with in real life?  

Many singles have a hard time meeting new people in their Muslim communities, which can make it more challenging to develop a long-term relationship with someone. Learn more about where and how you can meet Muslims who share your faith and a desire to wed a faithful partner.

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3.8 Million Muslims
2 Billion Matches
210,000 Marriages

Where Can You Meet Single Shia Muslims?

Shia dating is essential to making sure that your relationship is a long and happy union. Many people find themselves wondering how they can network with Muslims to find a potential spouse in their area. You may have tons of Muslim friends, but how do you meet a single Shia Muslim? 


The most obvious solution is to search for Muslim singles in your mosque, at school, or work. By talking openly about your faith and beliefs in some of these settings, you are more likely to attract others who have a similar view of the world. Of course, you might not have a thriving Muslim community at your disposal. 


Muslim friends and family members can also introduce you to people they know. This opens up the door for your loved ones to make match suggestions based on your personality and the needs you have for a future spouse. 


Of course, you can also use online dating profiles to connect with Muslims through a marriage app like Salams. This allows you to connect with others who are interested in Shia Muslim dating around the world. 

How to Meet Single Shia Muslims

Men and women who are interested in Shia dating often wonder how to go about meeting a new potential partner. Remember that there are rules and customs governing the interactions before marriage. To avoid giving into physical temptation, you should always keep a chaperone handy for your communication and dates.  

One way to meet single Shia Muslims is by setting up a profile on a Muslim dating app like Salams. Explore tips for building a great online profile as well as tips for what not to do as you’re crafting your profile. This profile will be the first introduction that a potential spouse has to you, so make sure to answer profile questions genuinely!  

This also makes Shia Muslim dating a bit easier than going to singles events in your area. After all, these events might be hard to find. Muslim matrimony is a serious endeavor, so you should be certain about who you choose as your lifelong partner. 

What Is the Best Shia Dating App?

When it comes to meeting Shia singles, you want to use Muslim dating sites that only show people of your faith. Salams is the best resource for uncovering a new partner, whether you are searching for an Arab Muslim or someone more local to your area. 


We have 3.8 million single Muslims on our platform who are ready and waiting to connect with you. To date, we have had more than 210,000 Muslim marriages as a result of the match suggestions that we made for our users. 


How does it work? All you have to do is swipe right or left on a potential partner. Swipe right if it is someone you are interested in getting to know further and swipe left if not. Your swipes are private, so you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. To be matched with someone, you must both swipe right. 


You do have a limit on the number of times you can swipe each day. Premium members can avoid such limits, but there is a small monthly fee associated with this service. 


The app provides everything you need for modern Shia dating, including: 


Access to text chats without giving out your phone number

Video chatting

Voice messages


You can protect your personal information, including your phone number until you feel comfortable sharing those details with your matches.