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5 Helpful Ramadan Tips

Zaheer Shah

By Minder

It seems like yesterday we were all eagerly waiting for Ramadan’s arrival and just like that, we have completed a third of Ramadan alhamdulillah! However, one of the biggest complaints that people have during this time is the fact that they don’t take advantage of its precious time. We sat down with a few scholars to put together five Ramadan pro tips that will make these last 20 days more impactful. Hopefully you can use these tips to finish this Ramadan strong:

  1. Do not overeat: When fasting all day it is easy to go a little food crazy during iftar time. Although you may feel you need to eat an entire box of Dominos, we assure you that you do not. Overeating will cause you to be lazy and unproductive throughout the night. Ramadan is all about self-discipline not self-indulgence. The Prophet Muhammad pbuh would recommend filling the stomach ⅓ with water, ⅓ with food and leave ⅓ empty.
  2. Give charity: Ramadan is the month where good deeds are multiplied in ways you could never imagine. Therefore, try your best to donate small and consistent amounts every night. Platforms such as Launchgood have set up ways that easily allow you to donate even $1 to a new cause every night.
  3. Connect with Allah through prayer: It is never good to delay prayer but during Ramadan try your best not to delay for even one minute. This month is about your relationship with Allah and prayer is one of the best ways to connect with your creator. In addition, it is good to pray at night but don’t pray the entire night and then miss your obligatory 5 daily prayers. Make sure to stay balanced with both prayer during the day and prayer during the night.
  4. Read the Quran: This is the month of the Quran. Many people do not understand the Quran and pray reciting verses they have no understanding of. Although there is still a great reward in reciting the Quran regardless if you do not understand, however, try your best to understand the meaning behind the verses. There are many great scholars like Imam Omar Sulieman, Yasir Qadhi, Yasir Birjas, Suhaib Webb who are using their social media accounts to break down the Quran in simple ways to understand.
  5. Attain God Consciousness: In the Quran Allah swt tells the believers that fasting was made so that you may gain “Taqwa” or God consciousness. This entire month is for us to create a relationship with our Lord. The concept of Taqwa is for us to always remember our Lord with everything we do.

May these tips be useful for you while you take on the last 2/3rds of Ramadan. Remember, Ramadan burn-out is a real thing. Do what you can and be consistent. You got this!

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