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5 Tips to Improve Your Salams Profile

The Salams Team

No matter how many matches you're getting, stop and implement these profile tips right now to get even better matches. If you want to get married using Salams, you have to take this seriously and put in the time and effort, including making your profile better! Here are the 5 tips we recommend you implement:

1. Your First Photo Should Be Your Best Photo Ever

Go through your photo album, Facebook, and IG and find the best photo of you and make that your first photo. It should be a high-quality photo that you're proud of that showcases your smile!

2. Avoid Using Selfies

This one is particularly for the guys on Salams: don't use selfies. Even if you think you look "fire" in them, it appears to many people like you didn't put in the effort necessary. This is a marriage app where you're trying to showcase the best version of your true and authentic self: we think that can be done without selfies! Try to only use photos that someone took of you that are high-quality and that you'd hang up in your house (we know, people don't hang photos up as much now-a-days)!

3. Answer Topic Questions Thoughtfully to Showcase Your Personality

Topic questions are created for you to showcase your personality and the things that matter to you! Spend time and energy picking the 3 topics that you feel can best showcase your personality and answer them in an interesting manner that showcases your personality and compels people to match with you. BONUS: if you have funny and thoughtful answers to topic questions, it'll make starting a conversation with someone that much easier!

4. Constantly Experiment and Improve Your Profile

Profiles are always a work-in-progress! Try different photos and topics to see what kind of people you match with - you never know, the photo you thought wasn't great may wind up getting you a ton of matches. The fifth topic question you answer may lead to great conversations. And your friends are great at giving profile feedback: use them to get a valuable critique of your profile.

5. Make Sure Every Section of Your Profile Is Complete

If you want to get the most compatible matches, make sure your profile is complete. Just remember, complete your profile to complete half your deen :).

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