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A Mosque Creates a Welcoming Narrative: Salams Interviews IslamInSpanish

Basama Beyah

At Salams, we’re big fans of IslamInSpanish! 

It started 21 years ago with three people who wanted to provide Islamic resources in Spanish; a project that then evolved into something MUCH bigger. Fast track today, IslamInSpanish built Centro Islamico that is now being renovated into a $3 million Islamic mosque!

But, that’s not what’s really cool about them…

3D Image of the New Construction Plan for Centro Islamico

These trailblazers based in Houston, Texas are setting a new standard for mosques in terms of how to create a welcoming non-judgemental environment for all Muslims. When you think about the disconnection young people have to Islam and Allah today, there is a critical need to create a welcoming space. Read on as Basama B, our Salams Team blogger, interviews the founders to learn about their inspiring story and the vision that Centro Islamico has for Muslims in Texas and worldwide.

Basama B- Who are the founders of IslamInSpanish?

Jaime “Mujahid” Fletcher is the CEO and co-founder of IslamInSpanish

Jaime “Mujahid” Fletcher is the CEO and co-founder of IslamInSpanish. His father, Jaime “Abu-Mujahid” Fletcher, and his wife Sandy “Sakinah” Guiterrez are the other co-founders of IslamInSpanish. Brother Mujahid came to America at 8 years old from Colombia and embraced islam at 22 years old. Sister Sakinah embraced Islam a week after him. A month after Brother Mujahid embraced Islam he married his wife.

Sandy “Sakinah” Gutierrez is the COO of IslamInSpanish

Sandy “Sakinah” Gutierrez is the COO of IslamInSpanish. Sister Sakinah is one of the cofounders of the organization along with her husband, Jaime “Mujahid” Fletcher. Sister Sakinah took the shahadah into the beautiful religion of Islam over 21 years ago, shortly after 9/11. Sister Sakinah has 3 children and has a Graphic Design degree that she utilized to produce various media materials that helped to make the organization what it is today. 

Brother Mujahid & Sakinah's Family

Shortly after Brother Mujahid's wife, Sister Sakinah, embraced Islam, his father and mother embraced Islam. Brother Mujahid and his family put in tremendous effort to create comprehensible educational materials about Islam for Spanish speakers. Their goal was to make it easier for Spanish Speakers to learn about the Islamic faith.

Imam Isa Parada is the Director of Education and Spiritual Counselor for IslamInSpanish

Imam Isa Parada is the Director of Education and Spiritual Counselor for IslamInSpanish and has been giving khutbahs since 1998. Born in New York to Salvadoran immigrant parents, he was raised in a Catholic Christian background and came to Houston at 12 years old. He accepted Islam at 19 years old in 1996.  He was the first graduate of the University of Madinah of a hispanic background. Shortly after he married his wife and has 6 daughters and 2 sons.

Imam Isa's Family

He spearheads the educational Islamic Programs and social programs at IslamInSpanish.

Basama B-How did IslamInSpanish come to be?

The founders didn’t think about setting up an organization - if 911 didn’t happen they wouldn’t have known there wasn’t any material in Spanish. They all were hit with the need of Spanish Islamic texts. Being in the Art Institute of Houston (Learning Audio/Video production while in school), the projects of Mujahid and his wife, Sakinah, would soon become products of IslamInSpanish materials. IslamInSpanish happened organically from media production projects that they created together while in college where the first audio of the Quran being translated from Arabic into Spanish was recorded on a minidisc. Abu Mujahid Fletcher was doing audio recordings for IslaminSpanish (2001-2009). Mujahid produced the audio material and Sakinah designed the logo. In 2002-2003 the first audio CD was produced, “Introduction to Islam in Spanish: Religion of Truth (La Religión de la Verdad)” Abu Mujahid became muslim at the age of 57 and would be a narrator for over 350 audio book for Islamic Texts like Riyadh-Us-Saliheen, Imam Nawawi’s 40 Ahadith, and more. 

Basama B- What is the favorite part of your job at IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico?

Brother Mujahid

When I am producing impactful stories and content through digital marketing it feels great. Training people with media, helping others with internships, training people to become leaders, and building out a production team are all things I love to do at IslamInSpanish Centro Islamico. My wife and I studied in Egypt learning the Arabic language in 2006. Having the ability to relay critical Islamic information in a digestible way to our community of New Muslims and Spanish speakers is really meaningful to me. I have a background in media studies in which I produce stories from different mediums (podcast, print, video).

I find joy in digital marketing and the process of producing valuable content for those learning Islam. Going through the process of taking people’s stories and years of change and putting it into 2 minutes is very fulfilling. The process of producing something that may take 40 hours of investing time in creating and editing to yield a final 2 minute video while maintaining the integrity of the story and ensuring the impactful message, is something I love to do. 

We organized a campaign to be featured on the LaunchGod platform to raise funds for the build out of the IslamInSpanish Center. The process of narrating and producing impactful stories helped us to become the first organization on LaunchGood to break the boundary of raising $1million dollars. We launched a Digital campaign that highlighted the authenticity of people’s stories and Alhamdulillah were able to reach our goal of raising over $1million dollars in 3 and a half months to help build the Centro Islamico. In 2019 the center was purchased in cash through raising funds via digital reach and digital marketing. 

Sister Sakinah -

I find joy in Ramadan. Ramadan has so many areas to focus on. I find happiness in helping to provide service and funding for the community. The feeling of  community is the most inspiring part of my job  people come to visit from different areas. Getting to know their stories personally is what is most rewarding. I love the process of getting to know Muslim reverts and their non-muslim families. It really helps to go through the process with their families on explaining the religion of Islam, so that their families are supportive on the journey they are going on. Giving Dawah through family and community building and creating an experience when they come to the center, that Islam is beautiful. Beautifying the mosque, the islamic Center and fostering a welcoming environment so that it looks nice and feels nice brings me joy. The evolution of where we started to where Allah has blessed us to be today as a community is very fulfilling. 

Imam Isa Parada - 

I find joy in going through a process of thinking of educational programs that could benefit our community as I lead the Islamic knowledge programs that we have. I review, study, and research ways to effectively relay Islamic knowledge to the community. Alhamdulillah I also love to see members in our community evolve in their journey of Islam.

From taking the Shahadah, to conducting their premarital talks, to conducting their marriage, to witnessing them build a family, and even potentially becoming business partners at the center. I literally get to see the journey of individual members of our community as they go through the stages of accepting Islam to learning more about the religion through the various eucational Islamic programs they attend. It’s very beautiful to witness the development of different muslims in our community.

Basama B- What is IslamInSpanish doing for Converts/Reverts?

Imam Isa Parada - 

One of the aims of IslamInSpanish is to be more welcoming to community who are not Muslim.  They work through the educational process of learning Islam with different LIVE QA classes online, youth groups, senior groups, new muslim support groups. We have different social programs such as monthly potlucks to bring families together where members of the community invite nonmuslim family, friends, neighbors, coworkers to break bread together and learn about Islam. IslamInSpanish helps to normalize relationships with family as well and educating the child on what they are about to embark on being that family is a part of the journey. IslamInSpanish focuses on the family of the converts to help them understand the journey that new muslims are about to embark on. Non muslim family members are able to talk to non-muslims about the journey and how they are welcoming. We help walk people through the process as a mentor of a revert.


“Maybe they don’t know where to start, we help and empower them to become leaders in the community. Train brothers how to give a khutbah and become Islamic Leaders. They become an integral part of the community and supported and are empowered to give back”

 5. How do you approach Muslim Marriage in your community?

Imam Isa Parada would take marriage resumes that would stipulate what a muslim brother and sister are looking for in marriage and what they are not looking for in a marriage. Imam Isa would educate single muslims within the community about the marriage process and the Islamic rights each individual has while in a marriage. After they go through the process of learning the Ahkam(rulings) of marriage, he certifies the individuals and validates that they can move forward with the ceremony. 
“I would get cursed out when I recommend the proper procedure for marriage and they wouldn’t want to take it. That’s when their true character comes out.”~ Imam Isa Parada
InshaAllah IslamInSpanish and the Salams app are discussing the possibility of joining forces to optimize the process of marriage seeking within the Muslim Community. 

Inspired by IslamInSpanish Story? Help them achieve their vision

IslamInSpanish, based in Houston, Texas, is now funding a $3million construction project. What started off as an agency to create Islamic knowledge resources in Spanish, later, evolved to a safe space for muslim reverts and all muslims to connect. Remaining amount to raise is $1 Million Dollars

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Video and Images about the Construction Project for the Islamic Center Mosque:

The 3D Image plans for the Mosque's Prayer area
The 3D plans for the Mosque's play area
The 3D plans for the Andalusia garden area

Details on the phases of the construction project can be found on this site:

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