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Event Recap: Salams Singles Bowling Night in NYC

Radiyah Beyah

On the 24th of June, Salams hosted a striking event in NYC! The team hosted a Salams Singles Bowling Night that I couldn't miss! The event was buzzing with Muslims from all over. So many Muslims came together to attend the Salams Singles Event. Muslims from New Jersey, New York, Singapore, Bangladesh, and more!

This Salams event was perfect for networking, conversing with other Muslim Singles, and having fun with other likeminded Muslims! Being a Salams app user I was so excited to meet other Salams users IRL! I received the notification on my phone, which directed me to eventbrite so that I could purchase the tickets. Next think you know I was in Manhattan, NYC mingling with Salams users and the actual Salams Team!


I met the Salams Team executives who were extremely welcoming and friendly! The team greeted everyone with a warm and friendly “Salams!”  The event was hosted by Salam’s esteemed CEO: Mohammad, the Finance Director, Aaminah, and the Marketing Director, Lina. The team monitored the event to ensure halal conduct was maintained. Every 20 minutes participants were allowed to switch bowling lanes and mingle with other participants. Pizza was served as well as drinks, all of which were unlimited, participants were able to enjoy refreshments whilst bowling and mingling.


The venue was at Bowlero, which is in the heart of Manhattan, directly parallel to the famous Juniors Cheesecake restaurant within the Theatre District of NYC. The bustling sounds and lights, allowed one to feel truly captivated and immersed in the NY scene. The Bowling Alley was dimly-lit with a warm atmosphere. The hosts welcomed everyone and specified the rules of the event. Rules that included a code of conduct, in which all participants had to agree to follow. There was a zero tolerance rule for inappropriate behavior and conduct. 


This was no ordinary singles event, this event also provided the opportunity to network and connect with other like minded individuals. I was blessed to become acquainted with a Muslim sister who was a middle school teacher from Queens, NY. We laughed and talked about our experience with the Salams app. We discussed the ups and downs in finding a muslim marriage partner via a muslim marriage app. We agreed that the search for marriage may be daunting at times, but that the Salams app gives us more options than waiting for potentials to show up in the small happen-stances within our busy schedules. The muslim sisterhood felt so genuine being that we  had a blast bowling together, in which I (MashaAllah) was the victor. There were several other like minded individuals I was blessed to be acquainted with whilst attending this event.

This Muslim singles event connected me with Muslims IRL that I wouldn’t have met elsewhere.. I even was able to connect with a group of Muslims, who lived in my neighborhood, whom I haven’t met before. We spoke for quite some time and they were able to give me some advice regarding the college my younger sister would be attending this Fall semester. They spoke about the professors and the teachers and they were also majoring in the same field as my younger sister. After having a long discussion with them, and exchanging information I was truly grateful that I was able to attend such an event. 


      This event was very educational and beneficial for those who are unable to meet other Muslim’s. My career life often overwhelms my social life, but this event gave me the opportunity to connect with other Muslims. I was reminded why I truly value the connect feature of the Salams app, that allows you to connect with other Muslim sisters, and share your thoughts and values. . So what are you waiting for? Go download the Salams app, and look out for other networking events like this one! Your new best friend, future spouse, and/or Muslim business partner is waiting.

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