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Great News! You Helped Us Raise $120k

Bisma Parvez

#MinderGivesBack Campaign

If you have turned on the TV or scrolled through social media, it’s hard to ignore everything that is currently happening around the world. From the horrific unemployment rates all the way to the number of deaths that COVID-19 has caused, it is easy to get sad and overwhelmed. However, as Muslims, we must stay positive and understand the wisdom in every situation we are put through.

Now, more than ever, we see families coming together to pray. We see people checking in on loved ones and friends. Relationships have more meaning. The value of life is now being appreciated. And perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this pandemic is the small acts of kindness that have spread all across the world. It is as if the world has come together as one.

#MinderGivesBack Campaign

Two weeks ago, we at Minder decided to partner with registered charity, UMR, to launch a fundraiser for families and individuals that have been affected by COVID-19. Our goal was to simply raise $10,000. We knew it wasn’t much but we wanted to do our part in ‘giving back’ as this is one of our core values at Minder. Within the first day of launching the campaign over $30,000 rolled in! As each day passed, more and more donations came in from the Minder family and the Muslim community worldwide.

It was one of the most incredible initiatives that we have started at Minder and we could not have done it without you. Two weeks later and now we are at $120,000 that we have collected for those in need.

So what was done with the $120,000?

The incredible team at UMR handled all the finances. They went through a strict vetting process to interview families in need and distributed funds based on those interviews. Interviews are still being conducted but as of today, over 550 families were given financial assistance. In addition, food packages for several families were given out both in America as well as Jordan and Lebanon to refugee families. Below are photos of some of the distributions. We at Minder want to thank you for taking part in this. And remember, YOU can make a difference.

Stay safe and stay blessed.

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