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Hijabi Influencers: Who You Should Be Following

Miriam Benzari

Where do you get your news? Where are you shopping for all the latest trends? If you answered social media, you are definitely a Millennial or in the Generation Z category, or possibly even a Gen Xer! According to a newly published Pew Research Center report, 55% of U.S. adults now get their news from social media either "often" or “sometimes.” Reading a newspaper is old fashioned to most. Why go out and spend money on a newspaper or magazine when you can just pick up your phone and scroll down your Meta (Facebook), Twitter, or Instagram timeline?

As a social media consumer, ask yourself what you want from your influencers? If you are into beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, you should follow influencers that you can grow from as well as give you tips on what is always trending. A decade ago, the influencer market was non-exist; now, the influencer market is on the rise, and major brands are paying attention and are endorsing your favorite trend setters. 

What is an influencer? An influencer is someone in a specific industry with sway over their target audience. Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority, or insight into a specific subject. Their pre-existing presence in a niche makes them a useful launching pad for brands in search of credibility. 

We all have our go-to influencers we like to follow for all of our personal needs, whether that be fashion, cooking, or even beauty hacks and trends. But what hijabi influencers are you following to know where to buy your hijabs from? Where to shop for the best Muslim makeup brands, or what healthy lifestyle tips you should follow? Are you looking to follow Muslim sisters who dress like you? Well look no further as we are diving deep into the hijabi influencers that you should follow after reading this article.

1. Hodan Yusuf:  

If you are looking for the perfect blends of makeup, you’ll want to follow Hodan Yusuf for your makeup and turban needs. Yusuf is always stunning with every colorful, neutral, glittery, and glamorous makeup look she puts together. Hodan is not just a colorful makeup artist but also runs a head wrap business called Turbrand, where she gives tips on how to wear her turban collection in different styles in her vast color selection. 

2. Aisha Liyana:

The Malaysian based influencer is known for her soft wash of pink eye shadow and perfect eyebrow shape. Aisha always gives her followers recommendations on what to buy from the best nail polish, linens and clothing brands. 

3. Solefitsab:

If you want all the best health and wellness tips you will want to follow solefitsab for all your lifestyle needs. You can expect a wide variety of topics such as modest fashion, travel, cooking, and Arab videos from solefitsab’s page (You have to check these videos out!). Social media seekers should follow solefitsab because the social media influencer’s page is substance-based, and InshaAllah guarantees her followers will be able to gain knowledge from her page, including both nutritional facts and recipes (if you want to learn how to make the best Moroccan cuisines and tasty healthy treats you are in for an absolute treat). The next steps for solefitsab is to introduce her followers to cosmetic science. 

4. Aysha Harun:  

Ethiopian-Canadian Hijabi influencer Aysha is known for her soft glam and skin routines. If you are looking for makeup tips but don’t want to venture too far out of your comfort zone, make sure to you are following Harun for all your soft glam looks. Giving her followers a personal touch, Aysha also gives a glimpse into her home life and what items she uses personally that her followers can also purchase. 

5. Habiba Da Silva:

Founder of Habiba Da Siva collection known for their diverse skin tone hijabs. Da Silva is also known for her beauty skills and giving her followers all the beauty tips they need. Habiba also walks her followers through her world of fitness and travel. Oh, let’s not forget Habiba’s Youtube videos on how to keep your skin glowing at all times, giving Eid outfit and makeup tips.

The influencer market is effective because it capitalizes on the audience’s natural needs and wants, where people listen to those that they trust and who can effectively grab the attention of their target audience. Word of mouth is a big part in the influencer world — now think about it, if we all come across an influencer we like and tell a few friends and family, our favorite influencers will gain more followers.  

Which Hijabi influencer are you going to follow — if you are not following them already! Each of these Muslim sisters can all give you something that you will need in your everyday lifestyle. So tap on the links and start following!

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