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How Salams Diamond helps you avoid Ghosting

The Salams Team
Ghosting has been the source of many issues in the new age of halal dating and matchmaking. People often feel confused, ignored, or self conscious after being ghosted by a match. In the marriage seeking space, ghosting could seriously damage your mental health. 
Salams is the only halal dating app that is stopping ghosting culture with our new Diamond subscription tier showcasing our new Anti-Ghost Feature !
Salams has decided to Ghost Ghosting by encouraging quality conversations & responsiveness. All to increase your chances of finding your Salams Soulmate.

The Problem with Ghosting

Ghosting has become such a common issue across marriage apps, dating apps, social media platforms, and texting. It has become so prevalent that sociologists have deemed it to be a culture of its own: “Ghosting Culture” People ghost to get out of talking to someone without the feeling of awkwardness. However, it makes the person on the receiving feel ignored, dismissed, and self conscious. 

“Our research supports the idea that ghosting can have negative consequences for mental health. Short term, many of those ghosted felt overwhelming rejection and confusion. They reported feelings of low self-worth and self-esteem. Part of the problem is the lack of clarity — not knowing why communication abruptly stopped. Sometimes, an element of paranoia ensues as the ghostee tries to make sense of the situation.”(Dubar, 2022)

In Islam, the pressures of finding your Soulmate, your spouse, your true partner are already intense. We get pressure from our grands, aunties, uncles, mamas and Babas. It’s super hard having to explain to them that finding genuine people is not as easy as it used to be. The factor of potential “ghosting” makes it worse. Ghosting demonstrates a communication disconnect which prohibits people from forming true bonds that can be made over time. So the question is: “How to avoid Ghosting?”

How to avoid Ghosting?

Enable Anti-ghosting 

It is important to remain optimistic in finding your Soulmate. Salams wants to remove negative factors that may deter somebody from staying reliant while looking for their partner on the Salams App. 

The Salams team hates ghosting just as much as you do. We want to see our users find halal love and get married to their Salams Soulmate. We aim to change the culture of ghosting with the new Anti-Ghosting feature. 

With Anti-Ghosting, your match will respond back before continuing their swiping session. This screen will alert the user that they must respond with the message “Don’t be a Ghost”. With this trigger message , we hope to make users more aware of the negative aspect of ghosting, and to prompt them to be polite and respond to their “match”.

We are encouraging responsiveness with Anti-ghosting. At the end of the day, users are looking for genuine people, quality matches, and quality conversations. By alerting users to pause their swiping session, and actually converse with their match, we are hoping to increase the likelihood of successful matches that end in halal marriages.  If you are looking for serious users, who will pause, and engage with their match. Salams Diamond is the way to go.  

Initiate Conversations with Telegrams

Telegrams are instant messages that allow you to message a Salams user you are interested in first, instead of waiting for them to swipe right on you. With Salams Diamond, you get 1 Free Telegram per day. That way you can reach out to people who you are truly interested in, and increase your chances of matching. If the Salams User replies to your Telegram you Match with them, and With the Anti-ghost feature enabled, instead of swiping on others, they must respond.

Get Seen 10x More with Profile Boost

Your profile will shine brighter with Salams Diamond. Other apps make you push a button to be boosted for a certain amount of time. With Salams Diamond, you don’t need to push a button to be boosted, your profile is always boosted. So don’t worry too much about being ghosted, you will be seen more by other Salams users to increase your chances 10x for a true match!

Upgrade to Salams Diamond

Salams Diamond is changing ghosting culture, encouraging quality conversations and responsiveness. Salams is making your profile shine brighter with Boosting and Telegrams. 

Salams Diamond emphasizes Quality with premier insights that you get with Profile Data Insights and Profile Reviews from our expert team. Salams DiamondSalams Diamond gives you more, with everything in Salams Gold. Get your Diamond with Salams Diamond.

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