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How to Get the Most Out of Salams Diamond

The Salams Team

Salams Diamond is changing ghosting culture, promoting quality conversations, and providing you the insight you need to have the optimal Salams experience. We are making your profile shine brighter with the highest premium tier: the Salams Diamond Subscription. Get your Diamond with Salams Diamond.  We are the first muslim marriage app that is tackling ghosting, encouraging responsiveness, and tracking your profile performance with REAL DATA! Learn how to get the most out of Salams Diamond Subscription with never before seen tech.

Track Your Profile Performance

If you’re all about growth and are curious to see how the changes you make to your profile are making a difference, we have something for you! To enhance your Salams experience, you should check out Profile Insights. Profile Insights can help users find their Salams soulmate with REAL DATA insights. Only you as a user have access to your own profile insights. Other users can’t see YOUR DATA.

Profile Insights allows you as a Salams user to see what type of single muslims you are attracting. You get answers to these 3 main questions:

  1. What location are you most popular in?
  2. What are the top personality traits of the people who like you?
  3. What is the average age of the people who like you?

As a Salams user, you can see how your changes on your profile are making a difference.


You can see how many telegrams you received. You can also see how many right swipes you received. There is a designated timeline that shows your likeability over time!

As a single muslim seeking marriage, it may not be super clear of what you’re doing right or wrong when making changes to your profile. With profile insights, you as a Salams Diamond user are able to track your profile performance like you do your credit score. 

Get Personal Tips from Experts on the Salams Team

If you are still unsure on what to do after viewing your profile insights, get the help you need with Profile Review. The Salams Team will personally review your profile and advise you what you can do to enhance your profile. Salams wants your profile to shine bright with Salams Diamond and will help you with specific tips from experts on the Salams Team! This is all to better your chances of receiving likes and getting matches and InshaAllah find your diamond. 

Activate Anti-ghosting

It is important to remain optimistic in finding your Soulmate. Salams wants to remove negative factors that may deter somebody from staying reliant while looking for their partner on the Salams App. 

The Salams team hates ghosting just as much as you do. We want to see our users find halal love and get married to their Salams Soulmate. We aim to change the culture of ghosting with the new Anti-Ghosting feature. 

With Anti-Ghosting, your match will respond back before continuing their swiping session. This screen will alert the user that they must respond with the message “Don’t be a Ghost”. With this trigger message , we hope to make users more aware of the negative aspect of ghosting, and to prompt them to be polite and respond to their “match”.

We are encouraging responsiveness with Anti-ghosting. At the end of the day, users are looking for genuine people, quality matches, and quality conversations. We listened to the feedback of you as Salams users, and you do not like being ignored by your matches. By alerting users to pause their swiping session, and actually converse with their match, we are hoping to increase the likelihood of successful matches that end in halal marriages.You have the ability to unmatch if the match was a mistake. But they do say you increase your chances of getting married if you ACTUALLY talk to your match.  If you are looking for serious users, who will pause, and engage with their match. Salams Diamond is the way to go.  

Initiate Conversations with Telegrams

Telegrams are instant messages that allow you to message a Salams user you are interested in first, instead of waiting for them to swipe right on you. With Salams Diamond, you get 1 Free Telegram per day. That way you can reach out to people who you are truly interested in, and increase your chances of matching. If the Salams User replies to your Telegram you Match with them, and With the Anti-ghost feature enabled, instead of swiping on others, they must respond.

Get Seen 10x More with Profile Boost

Your profile will shine brighter with Salams Diamond. Other apps make you push a button to be boosted for a certain amount of time. With Salams Diamond, you don’t need to push a button to be boosted, your profile is always boosted. So don’t worry too much about being ghosted, you will be seen more by other Salams users to increase your chances 10x for a true match!

Get everything in Salams GOLD Subscription

Continue to have a Golden experience with unlimited messages, unlimited matches, see who likes you, advanced filters, undo swipes, and stealth mode!

Upgrade to Salams Diamond

Salams Diamond emphasizes Quality with premier insights that you get with Profile Data Insights and Profile Reviews from our expert team.Salams Diamond gives you more, with everything in Salams Gold. Get your Diamond with Salams Diamond. Let your profile shine brighter with Salams Diamond

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