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How to Take Optimal Selfies

Ayesha Faisall

Do you want to make your selfie-game strong? Or maybe you are looking for some new ideas to snap that perfect selfie today? If yes, this blog is the right place for you! We have listed some of the most important factors, and amazing tips that will enable you to upgrade your selfie game to the next level. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Once you master the art of capturing pictures, taking good and attractive selfies becomes as easy as a pie. Yes, you heard that right!


1. Lighting

Good lighting is the key to capturing good selfies!! 


Good lighting is the key to capturing good selfies!!

We can't stress this enough! While capturing your photos, utilize the flattering natural light available all around you. Always remember that natural lighting AKA “golden hour” is your best friend when snapping pictures and selfies. You can also use burst mode in your iPhone or portrait lighting, and even sunset lamps for this purpose!



2. Smile

Practice smiling in front of the mirror to find your most “photogenic” smile. You will be amazed how a genuine and confident smile will level up your selfie game!
If you get shy in front of the camera; take a few seconds to relax your facial muscles and jaws, open your eyes, smile (show some teeth) and “click”
And voila, you are done!


3. Angles, angles, and angles!

Experiment with different angles and poses to show off your features. Holding a camera slightly higher than your head gives you a more defined look and makes your eyes look bigger. The most important thing to look for is a pose and angle that works the best for you and enables you to flaunt your facial features beautifully.


4. Be Confident

Remember to be always confident.


 The best selfie poses are the ones that are natural and make you feel like you. 

5. Consider the background

A mindful well-crafted background can complement your selfie sessions. Photos captured in dainty fairy lights, simple white backgrounds, or in front of lush green botanical backdrops are trendy. Light and simple backgrounds highlight your features and make your face look brighter. Choosing a complementary background plays a crucial role in enhancing the effects and aesthetics of your picture.




6. Get playful with your selfies

Get creative and play around with your selfie. Always remember, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Try new poses, vary your angles, and try new GIFs or stickers. You can also try out various editing techniques to brighten, sharpen, or increase the exposure or contrast of your pictures. Trying out new editing techniques is good but remember not to overdo them!


7. Use the Right Filters

Boost up your selfie game with cute sun-kissed and aesthetic filters from VSCO. If you have an I-phone, its built-in photo editing options are also worth the shot. Because they are so good. Play around with filters to find your favorite for snapping the perfect selfies.

8. Take Mirror Selfies

C:\Users\dell\Downloads\mirror selfie.jpg

Guess what? Your camera can do wonders when placed against the mirror.
Mirror selfies are really trendy these days and they spice up your Instagram feed. They look super chic, cute, and beautiful. Stretch your neck a bit, strike a pose, stand/ sit in a comfortable position, smile and SNAP! Also, don’t forget to clean your mirror and your camera’s lens. The best part? You can even slay mirror selfies in the dark by using the flash. They just look as aesthetic and artsy as the daylight pictures.

9. Set the Exposure and Focus of Your Camera

Setting up the exposure and focus of your camera can prove to be a game-changer for you. Why? Because these are the major factors that determine how your photos will turn out. Without them, the images appear blurry and lack attention to detail. The proper aperture, exposure, and focus allow you to capture the classic “artsy” photos. 

10. Use a Selfie Stick

To create a flattering effect, use a selfie stick or a tripod to capture your photos. Stand in the light, adjust your shoulders and click the selfie.

11. Take Pictures While Doing Something Interesting


Are you hiking in the picturesque landscapes? Or jet-skiing in beautiful turquoise water? Maybe you like cooking or baking? Or do you love to go out with your cute furry friends for a walk? Capture your selfies while doing interesting things. It can be anything that you like! Taking selfies while doing engaging things makes you look more interesting and natural. Highly recommended! 

12. Crop Out The Extra Details 

Don’t like the background of your picture but love your selfie? Wish to exclude the extra details? Don’t worry the crop settings have got you covered!
Crop out the extra additional details that you don’t like in your selfies. You can even resize your photos to enhance the quality and create the best pixels effect.


Hope the above tips prove to be helpful to you while snapping optimal selfies.

Happy snapping!

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