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3 Modest Fashion Brands: For The Curvy Muslim Woman

Miriam Benzari

As Muslim women, it can sometimes become difficult to find fashionable clothing when shopping and can be even harder when you are looking for curvy fashions. As a woman, you of course want your clothing to look nice and trendy, but as a plus size Muslim woman, you must keep in mind that your clothing is still modest at all times. Plus-size clothing for Muslim women has made its way into some mainstream retailers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Shein and, recently, Pretty Little Things. In 2020, Pretty Little Things introduced Billy Marsal as their first plus-size Muslim model.

Curvy fashion is often looked down upon, and this clothing market is usually looked at as frumpy and clothing that your grandmother may wear. (We don’t want that, do we?) The average U.S. women’s dress size is between 14 and 16, meaning that plus-size is the new average. In past years, curvy women only had Lane Bryant to look to for fashionable clothing. This has all changed as major retailers such as ASOS, Old Navy and many more have started to cater to their plus-size customers. In 2020, the plus size apparel market stayed in a steady place and by the end of 2027 will hit 20 million dollars. 

After doing some research, we have three top plus-size Muslim brands that all the Muslim sisters should have a look into and see what these brands have to offer. We can always patronize ASOS, Pretty Little Things and other retailers but it’s nothing like supporting Muslim-owned brands! Let’s take a deeper dive into these brands and see what you all want to put in your shopping carts after you have a READ.

1. Styled by Zubaidah(SBZ)

In 2013, Zubaidah Abdul-Hakim founded Styled by Zubaidah after realizing it was nearly impossible to find clothing that fit her body, personality and religious beliefs. After noticing that there was a huge void in the fashion industry for fashionable garments for the plus-size modest woman, Zubaidah knew she had to create a brand that would be fashionable yet reflect modesty and has since made it Styled by Zubaidah’s mission to create beautiful designs that the modest, plus-size woman would enjoy wearing. Carrying sizes 8-24, the Styled by Zubaidah customer is a woman that has luxurious taste, loves lots of color, and is unique, confident and bold! After being in business for several years and having customers from all walks of life, Styled by Zubaidah (SBZ) notices that the biggest struggles that curvy women face when shopping with their brand is the fear of judgement from others. After customers see and hear about Styled by Zubaidah, they feel afraid they are going against fashion rules.

Styled by Zubaidah is the only exclusive, plus-sized, modest woman clothing store. Although other retailers attempt to carry plus-size clothing, they are never adequate in curvy sizing and styling. SBZ stands out from other brands because their clothing is designed exclusively for plus-sized women. Styled by Zubaidah customers love all the dresses with bold and unique colors, making these unique dresses the go-to best sellers! What’s next for SBZ? Right now, they are working on brand awareness, as they would like to tell the story of body positivity and the need for modest woman to own what is considered modest. Pop in and shop with Styled by Zubaidah at 555A Clinton Avenue, Newark, NJ or shop the site!

“I love to see my customers finally be able to wear loud colors and beautiful prints” ~Styled by Zubaidah

2. ShayArieStyleS

At thirteen years old, Rayyan Bande always had to alter her clothing to fit her body type. After taking notice that there were others like her who too struggled finding clothing to fit their body type, she knew she had to take sewing seriously and decided to create what most of their customers know as Shay Arie Styles (S.A.S.S) which offers quality, consistency and confidence. S.A.S.S caters to Muslims as well as the non-Muslim woman (sizes range from XL-4X) that are curvy and who want comfort, accompanied with a flattering patterns or color schemes The woman who shop here take risks and don’t allow her shape to define who she is as a woman. The biggest struggle Shay Arie Styles comes across catering to plus-size women are customers not wearing the correct undergarments and having to inform them:

“Everything is not suitable to be worn even if it's your size.” ~Shay Arie Styles~ 

The top three styles Shay Arie Styles are always asked to customize are jackets, dresses and pants. As S.A.S.S continues their business endeavors, the next level for their brand is to expand clientele to entertainers and celebrities and design gowns for red carpet looks.

3. Modanisa

Refka Patnsuit

Founded in 2011, Kerim Ture created Modanisa with a dream and the purpose to meet modest women’s desire to wear the clothing that fits their lifestyle. Modanisa became the first Turkish fashion brand to deliver online shopping to their target audience with a wide range of clothing selections. This fashion brand reaches more than 20 million visitors from all over the world daily and sells over 650 brands. With offering their plus size customers a wide range of fashions from dresses, pants, shirts and much more, Modanisa believes all modest woman will be able to find fashionable fashions that will fit their everyday style and lifestyle.

Zenane Tunics

The top plus-size fashions to look for from Modanisa (All plus sizes range from 8-16) are the Refka pantsuits, the Zenane tunics and the Ziwoman skirt.

The Ziwoman Skirt

If you are a curvy sister, you now have three brands who are ready for your business! One offers styling and bold colors, another offers custom looks and comfortability and the last one offers gowns and leisure wear. Being a Muslim woman with just a little more with what the world considers “NOT NORMAL” does not mean you cannot be fashionable, yet modest. After reviewing these Muslim brands, are we READY to shop bold, unique and comfortable styles?  Let us know what’s in your shopping carts and what styles you are looking forward to from each brand! 

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