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10 Muslim Women Influencers to Follow!

Miriam Benzari

You all love seeing our favorite Muslim influencers, so here we go again: 10 Muslim women influencers. Make sure you read all the way to the end—we’ve taken heed to who you all wanted on our list. They deserve to be on this list; they have all done so much for their communities and give Muslim women of all ages someone to look up to and admire. Let’s get into this list and show you all who has made this top ten this month. 

1. Jamad Fiin

You know we always need an athlete on our influencers list! Make sure to add Jamad Fiin to your follow list. Jamad is the senior captain of Emmanuel college basketball team, and the Somalia women’s national basketball team. She not only plays basketball, she also runs an all-girls basketball camp called “Jamad Basketball camp,” where their mission is to teach girls how to be better people on and off the court.  Jamad was recently was featured on ESPN IG page. Repping Muslimahs on the court in hijab! MashaAllah!

2. Aysha Harun:

If you want the best makeup tutorials, make sure you follow Canadian beauty blogger Aysha Harun. She adds the flair that we all need in our lives when it comes to fashion, makeup, and skin routines. 

3. Farhana Oberson

Make sure to add London content creator Farhana to your follow list; you’ll see her travel through the streets of London and many other places. Farhana even shares videos of herself and her husband trying different foods, relatable content, and even cute date night ideas that you can create for your spouse. 

4. Sabina Hannan

Now, don’t lose your job after watching Sabina’s page! She will have you addicted to watching her flawlessly apply makeup, and she always finishes her eyebrows with a strong, crisp finish. Let’s not forget, when you follow Sabina you will want to send her a DM or two to learn where she bought all her outfits, because they are totally on trend and you will need every piece in your closet! 

5. Manal Chinutay

If you want lifestyle and makeup tutorials, Manal is the one you need to follow. Manal does not just give her followers fashionable makeup looks, she also shares her flair for home decor. Don’t you all just love a good home decor page? Well, Manal’s decor page will have you wanting to redecorate your home ASAP

6. Hani Sidow

We girls love a good makeup tutorial, especially if you are not the best at it (guilty!). After following Hani you will be the go-to girl for all your friends to do their makeup. you’ll see Hani play with different makeup trends and even share how to do the somewhat simple things with makeup. She’s even written a book all about makeup called "Insta-Glam".

7. Sheikha

If you want to be inspired by a successful Muslimah about all things positive, follow Sheikha! Sheikha is an amazing published author of an amazing book called "Darkness to Light". Sheikha shares her Islamic Journey and narrates her story of how she came to embrace Islam. From her taking the shahadah to marrying the love of her life, Sheikha shares her lifestyle in her book, on Youtube, and on Instagram! Check out her page now!

8. Erva

Beautiful Muslimah, Lifestyle Blogger, & Loving Wife! Erva is all that and more. Follow her page as she shares beauty concepts, friendship event ideas, and vlogs about her marriage adventures. After following her page you will get inspired on where to go, how to have fun, and how to look good while doing it!

9. Candace

Motivation is her concentration! Candace is a major inpirational muslim influencer who you should checkout. Candace blogs her experiences as a revert and her Islamic journey. Candace let's everyone know the importance of looking inward and remaining positive about your identity as a muslim and to cast negativity aside! Checkout Candace's page now!

10.  SoleFitsab

It’s hard trying to be healthy without giving up all your favorite foods, right? But don’t worry, Sabaa shares unique tips on how to stay healthy and maintain the figure you want. Let’s not forget Sabaa’s fashionable fashions and her new funny videos. 

After this list, who are you following next? We have a few that we’ll be adding to our follow list, as all these Muslim women can teach us all a few things about style, fashion, healthy eating, giving back, and much more!  

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