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Where to Shop in Ramadan!

Miriam Benzari

Are you looking for great Ramadan sales? Are you wondering "Where to Shop in Ramadan?" Well, look no further! Here are some top brands, including a few you may know and a few new discoveries! What do you look for when shopping for Ramadan? Do you look for items for yourself, or gifts for friends and family? Let’s get into these top ten companies that have a few sales for you this may also find something for Eid!

1. Urban Modesty

If you are looking for nice, flowing hijabs, prayer garments, and more, shop with Urban Modesty. They offer gowns, pants and skirts. Let’s not forget to mention the sale is 50% off! 

2. Nominal

Founded in January 2018, Nominal has already become a leader in the Arabic and meaningful accessories industry. Nominal offers rings, customized necklaces, bracelets, nose rings, and watches, for both men and women. Looking for an Eid gift? You should stay tuned for their upcoming Eid releases! Nominal has the cutest jewelry you could ever find!

3. Mommy Yasmin

We can’t forget the kiddies during Ramadan, right? Well look no further—shop with this adorable kids’ shop. Mommy Yasmin offers Sky Mosque - Soothe & Talking Quran Pillow, talking Quran doll, as well as little Mahmud the Quran talking

4. Aab Collection

If you want 20% off sitewide, look no further, and shop with Aab collection! Aab offers Maxi dresses, chiffon scarves, jumpsuits, and modest activewear. If you love a site where you can get a little of both, from dressy to simple, this is the store for you. 

5. Annah Hariri

If you’ll be hosting friends and family this Ramadan and you need a spectacular dress, look no further. Annah Hariri has several options when it comes to their dresses. If you want to look a little simple with a flare, or if you’re the girl who wants to show her all around fashion style, Annah for sure has that for the ladies. And let’s not forget the Mommy and Me dresses so you can look fashionable with your little princess. Annah Hariri offers Abayas, hijabs and much more. The Ramadan sale 80% off—are you shopping yet? 

6. With A Spin

The best unique Islamic home decor you can find. With a Spin creates unique gifts and décor items so customers can best express themselves in their home. With a Spin has plenty of gifts that you can choose from for your friends and family when they invite you over for Iftar. This store offers books, stationery, and home decor. 

3. Arabic Attire

It’s never too late to shop for Eid, as Arabic Attire offers all of the finest evening attire. Arabic Attire offers Moroccan Kaftans, jewelry, hijabs, Ramadan attire, wedding takchita and much, much more! Arabic Attire’s sale is buy two and get one at 30% off (don’t forget to spin the wheel on the site to get a personalized discount on your order). 

8. Modanisa

We all know Modanisa—definitely the store for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, Eid, or an Iftar with friends. Modanisa offers ponchos, coats, hijabs, kids clothing, and evening wear. This shop has Ramadan prayer outfits, hijabs, beautiful garments, and more. While you shop Modanisa’s 70% off sale, make sure you grab a few items for Eid as well! 

9.  EastEssence

Founded in 2009 to serve the need for affordable, modest clothing in all parts of the world, EastEssence transforms modesty into simple yet high utility abayas, jilbabs and kaftans. “Stay true to yourself and reflect your values and faith through your clothing” is the East Essence mission.  EastEssence offers prayer garments for Ramadan, jilbabs, hijabs, and skirts. Now brothers, we could not leave you out—EastEssence has attire for you all as well, such as Throbes, Kufis and T-shirts. The  Sale is an extra $10 off any order over $75. 

10. Noor Art

Why shop at Party City when you have Noor Art?  If you are looking for books to teach yourself and your family Arabic, this is the place to shop. It’s also the perfect source for all your Eid and Ramadan decorations. Noor Art offers Islamic holiday decorations, toys, gifts, and Islamic books.  Enter Coupon Code "15RAMS22" for your 15% Discount valid till the end of Ramadan!

I hope this list helped you in shopping for what you may be looking for in Ramadan, and even for the arrival of Eid! It is important to support Muslim businesses and Salams wants to make sure that you have all you need for Ramadan and for the arrival of Eid. What do you look for when shopping for Ramadan?

May Allah accept all of our efforts in Ramadan! Allahuma Ameen!

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