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Salams Says: Where to Eat Halal in LA

Miriam Benzari

Pack your bags as we take you on a trip to Los Angeles, California, known for the rich and famous and, of course the Hollywood sign tourists love to take photos in front of! As Muslims, it’s sometimes hard looking for good food while on vacation because we of course want to make sure our food is halal. If you want your taste buds humming with lots of flavor make sure to check out these following restaurants while you’re vacationing in Los Angeles. 

1. Dave’s Hot Chicken:

 Located at 3462 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, this Louisiana-style hot fried chicken will have you wanting more! In 2017, four childhood friends came up with the idea to give a twist on Nashville’s famous hot chicken but in a halal fashion for all the Muslims to enjoy! The east Hollywood restaurant caters to everyone with their delicious finger foods, ranging from tenders, sliders, fries, and kale slaw. Dave’s Hot Chicken has a little for everyone, from the typical five-year-old who may just want fries and chicken tenders to the healthy adult who wants a little zest with their kale slaw. Just remember when ordering chicken, make sure you ask for mild. If you want your taste buds on FIRE, just go for it and ask for the reaper level! 

2. Biriyani Kabob House:  

A little of this and a little of that. Biriyani Kabob House is a mixture of Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Made with the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods, this restaurant will have you ordering everything off the menu for you and your family. Serving delicious meats from curry lamb shanks (yum) chicken sheekh kabob and chicken tikka. If you happen to make your way down to Biriyani, remember to checkout their downtown Korea location as well, where you can order simpler foods such as pizza, burgers, and salads. Located at 3525 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020 (Korea town location) and 517 S Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Downtown location). 

3. Pura Vida Mexican Food:

Want Taco Tuesday every day of the week?  Then check out Pura Vida Mexican, where you can eat all the burritos you want! Oh, and let’s not forget the guacamole, because what is Mexican food without guacamole and chips! Pura Vida Mexican is the perfect weekend spot to be while you’re vacationing — just lay back, relax, and spend money on inexpensive food. Want breakfast burritos, too? Pura Vida has it so you can dine with them for every meal of the day. Have an egg burrito and a chicken burrito with the works later in the day! Check out Pura Vida Mexican at 238 W Carson St., Carson, CA. 

4. Big Al’s Pizza: 

We’ve all had halal pizza before, but nothing can top Big

Al’s Pizza, with colorful and unique pizza options, crispy wings, and homemade pizza sauces. Customers’ go-to foods are the buffalo chicken ranch pizza, Lebanese wings (sounds tasty!) and their BBQ chicken pineapple pizza. Wait — let’s not forget that you can build your own pizza and add all your favorite toppings, such as extra cheese, steak, and — for a more healthier option olives or any of your favorite veggies. Make your way down to Big Al’s for delicious pizza at 6044 Atlantic Blvd., Maywood, CA.

5. Simpang Asia:  

Want fine, tasty Indonesian cuisine? Look no further and dine with Simpang Asia. Most dishes are bold, with lots of flavor and aroma and are very satisfying in taste. All dishes are made by integrating spices and distinct ingredients such as lime leaves, lemon grass, and garlic which gives all the dishes a well-rounded flavor profile. Customer favorites are Tumeric Fried Chicken, Nasi Bungkus, and Beef Rendang Beef. If you want authentic Indonesian food, make your way to Simpang Asia at 10433 National Blvd., Unit 2, Los Angeles, CA. 

Is your mouth watering already? Trying to figure out where you’ll stop first on your next trip to Los Angeles? This is the perfect guide to use to know what you can eat in LA that is halal. you won’t have to google much — just book a ticket, pack a bag, and head out to stuff you face with great tasting foods! 

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