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Salams Connect: The New Mode for Friends and Networking

The Salams Team

We're excited to announce the launch of Salams Connect, our new friends and networking feature! Now within the same app, you can switch modes to find friends and network with the same gender. We built this feature after hearing tons of feedback from our users and we couldn't be more excited for you to try it out.

If you're already using Salams, make sure your app is updated to the latest version and go to the "Home" tab. On the "Home" tab, tap on the waving icon at the top and you'll be able to create a profile for the new Connect mode. Keep in mind that you're able to have different profiles for the different modes so customize them with the photos and topic questions that you want to showcase for each mode!

We built Salams Connect keeping in mind that people in relationships want to meet friends and network as well so we made it really simple and safe for everyone: you won't be shown to the opposite gender unless you explicitly make a Salams Love profile!

We already have thousands of matches and testimonials of people meeting via Salams Connect. What are you waiting for? Try Salams Connect today!

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