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Salams Mufti Menk!

Ayesha Faisall

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Ismail Ibn Musa Menk is an Islamic scholar, born and raised in Zimbabwe. His motivational and inspirational lectures have encouraged thousands of people to come to the path of light. No wonder why he is loved by millions of people worldwide. Known for his wit and wisdom, Mufti Menk has also been listed among the 500 Most Influential Muslims. If you are have ever stumbled upon his YouTube videos, podcasts, and lectures, you will realize what an amazing man he is. His teachings radiate the warmth of kindness, compassion, generosity, mercy, self-love, and patience. 

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The Grand Mufti holds prestigious degrees in Shariah Law from the Islamic University of Medina and a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Alders gate University. He launched his book Motivational Moments in 2017 and aims at spreading inspiration, compassion, and motivation between the people irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion.

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The sheer amusement, wisdom, and comfort that Mufti Menk offers to his audience as a scholar are phenomenal! He explains everything so beautifully- be it a religious, cultural, or social topic. His down-to-earth nature, soft and friendly tone makes him the favorite of so many people (including mine!)


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He has a great platform that he utilizes incredibly, to address the major issues faced by people throughout the globe. His way of speaking and teaching radiates comfort, motivation, inspiration, kindness, and sincerity.

If you have never heard his lectures, podcasts, or YouTube videos, I would recommend you to definitely check them out: His personable approach, witty and kind nature will amaze you. 

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May Allah SWT guide us all. Ameen. 

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