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Salams Says "Yes!" to Love: "Quickly Exchanged Numbers"

The Salams Team

Salams Says "Yes!" To LOVE! ❤️

We matched on 16th of Feb 2021 on your app. After 4 days we quickly exchanged numbers and hopped off the app. Our first meeting was on 27th of March. The same day we decided to introduce our parents to each other and they were quite happy with our decision to take this forward. We then got engaged and our much awaited wedding will be next year Inshallah. Thank you Salams for helping us find out all we have ever wanted- Rukhsaar  and Ibrahim
Let us read about this couple's experience with Salams:

1) What attracted you to his profile and what attracted him to your profile?

His simplicity is what my eyes caught first. Unlike every other profile he was not trying to seem impressive and outstanding. He found my profile cute and loved the fact that I dress modest.

2) What was your experience while using Salams app?

My experience overall was great. It took me a while to find the one but it was worth the wait. He's everything I asked Allah for.

3) Can you describe your experience of when you met in person?

He came to my house to meet my parents. We all sat together and had lunch. Then he asked my parents if he could take me out and they agreed. I had already planned a surprise picnic date for him. It was pretty cold that day to be out but it was beautiful. We then packed up and went for movies in the evening and came back home for dinner.

4) When did you both decide that you wanted to get married?

To be honest, When we first interacted on Feb'20'21, we both clicked and we knew that this is it. It was an instant connection and understanding. So we decided to get married even before we saw each other in person.

5) Any advice for other Salams users?

Please be yourself. Stop trying to act all cool. You are there to find a spouse, look for things beyond looks. Interact and get to know each other.

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