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Salams Yasmin Mogahed!- Muslimah Author

Hafsa Mubarik

If you list the names of authors who beguiled  readers with their beautiful words, you can not leave Yasmin Mogahed out of it. My first introduction of her was through her book "Reclaim Your Heart" There is not a single line of this 194 page book that doesn't intrigue you.  It's about breaking free from the shackles of life and finding your true self and  your own awakening. The book is written by Yasmin Mogahed, who is a motivational speaker and a specialist in psychology, spirituality and personal development. 

Born in Egypt, Yasmin shifted to the USA in her later life. She earned a BS psychology degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison, the same university from where she did her MS in journalism and mass communication. Mogahed became the first Muslim woman instructor at AlMaghrib institute. Her motivational lectures are world wide famous and can be easily found on YouTube. 

Her first book "Reclaim your Heart", released in 2012  was a collection of her writings over the past ten years. The book become an instant hit across the Muslim women around the globe. It was filled with inspirational messages about hope and empowerment. A must read for young Muslims and anyone with an interest in Islam. Her quest of understanding her religion started at 14, and she wanted to share with her readers what this journey had taught her.  

Yasmin's other praise worthy works includes two volumes of "Love and Happiness", a book on spiritual upliftment which has helped thousands of people.


Her books are helping thousands of people. They can relate to her words and think of it as a manual of the journey of life. Her YouTube channel has over 13.1 million views on it. She uses the platform to connect with her listeners and to offer them best advice on various matters. Yasmin currently writes for Huffington post. She also writes articles for her website where she talks about experiences of her personal life.

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