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Say "Salams" to Profile Cards

The Salams Team

With over 4 Million Muslims on the Salams app, we know how diverse Muslims are all over the world. We have different priorities, lifestyles and ideal relationship paths. So, who do you choose? Who should you focus on? Who are you compatible with? Who will match your outlook on marriage? You swipe right and left…wondering who could be THE MATCH= Your Soulmate. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming.

We feel you! Being a single muslim and the journey in finding your spouse can be hard.  So, this year in 2023, we are empowering you in your journey of finding your soulmate even more! Without further ado, let us introduce you to our first new feature of the year! (Drumroll please) …(Bismillah) 

Say “Salams” to Profile Cards

Profile cards were developed to help you find your most compatible match on Salams. These cards help you tell others about who you are and what you want on your journey in finding a Muslim spouse on Salams.

Profile Cards allow you to customize your profile with 7 cards illustrating your views on a range of interesting topics.

You have the option to select up to 3 of your fav cards to display on your profile (you can always change your selection).

The Profile Cards you can choose from:

  1. Marriage Timeline
  2. Finance
  3. Islamic Priorities
  4. Personality Types with the Myers Briggs test (Also know as: 16 personality test)
  5. This or That Questions
  6. Family Household
  7. Love Languages

Profile cards add another layer of information that allows you to narrow down your likes to your most compatible matches and, inshAllah, eventually to your one long-lasting love. 

The Timeline Card

The Timeline Card illustrates your ideal marriage timeline. It gives you an immersive experience to communicate the different stages of your ideal love story from the first call to your Nikah or Katb Kitab. To complete this card, you have the ability to arrange some key steps that lead to marriage  in sequential order.


Talking about finances is awkward. Yet, it’s an important topic to discuss with your future partner. The Finance card is a fun option to tackle that topic and give you two an objective space to align before it gets overlooked until much later.We’re not just talking about how much money you have rolling in the bank. There’s so much more to it. Money talk includes what expectations you have from each other, your preferred gender roles, Mehr and wedding expectations, and figuring out how to build a secure family together. 

NOTE: The finance card can ONLY be seen if you MATCH with a person. 

Personality Card

We noticed a lot of Salams members quote their personality type from this test in their profile bios. So, we figured it would be a fun card to add to the deck since so many already do this. If you haven’t taken the test yet, click here and take this free survey to discover your personality type.

Have you heard about the Myers-Briggs Test (16 Personality Test)? It’s an introspective self-report questionnaire that categorizes people into 16 different personalities depending on how they perceive the world and make decisions. 

Islamic Priorities Card

An oldie but goodie! We recognize that Muslims are diverse in their practice; especially when you have 4 million of them on this app. In this card, you can showcase your top 6 Islamic priorities out of a selection of 18 options. 

This or That 

This card helps shape an idea of who you may be to your matches. You get to choose 5 character traits from a selection of 15 different options that help describe you best. 

Family Household

When you marry someone, you marry the family. Might be a broken record to say this but, isn’t it so true? Show your family set up in a fun way. Your pets count as well! We all know they’re the spoiled ones in your crew.

Love Languages Card

You get to share with others how you prefer to receive and communicate love from a selection of 6 options: (1) Gift Giving (2) Words of Affirmation (3) Affection (4) Quality Time (5) Acts of Service (6) All of the Above

Spice up your Profile with Profile Cards

We figured some of you thought that the Salams team only cared about what people thought about pineapple on pizza. Pineapple on Pizza is an interesting debate… BUT our true goal is to empower you: the Single Muslims around the world. Salams is designed to create a fun, positive, and inclusive space where you feel empowered, focused, connected and respected. This was always the goal of the Salams team; but this year, in 2023 we’re lasering in even more! If you have been with us in the last 6 months, you may have noticed some empowering new features, like Endorsements, Anti-Ghost, Profile Insights, Profile Boosts and Screenshot Stopper and NOW Profile cards!

The Salams team hopes you’ll enjoy Profile Cards and that it makes things clearer as you find your Salams Soulmate. Show who you are and what you want with Profile Cards.

Let us know how you like Profile Cards! Stay tuned for more groundbreaking features on Salams!

Jazaku Allah Kheir!

The Salams Team

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