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Palestinian American Restaurants that need your support

The Salams Team

For generations upon generations, the United States has had Americans of various ethnicities living here, including Palestinian Americans. A lot of our ancestors have migrated to America in search of better opportunities and a lot of them are business owners. From New York City to Chicago, there are Palestinian owned restaurants that not only offer exceptional products and delicious cuisine but also provide a unique window into the rich tapestry of Palestinian heritage. In light of the recent events in Palestine, there are people who are terrorizing Palestinians that go as far as death threats to murders like what happened to a 6-year old Palestinian boy in Chicago. Palestinian owned businesses are now facing threats, negative reviews, and discrimination due to their ethnicity and heritage. 

For many Palestinian-American business owners, the dream of building a successful enterprise is overshadowed by prejudice and hostility. Palestinian-owned businesses like Ayat NYC, Al Bawadi Grill, Pita Inn, Taza Café, Al Basha, Duzan, Al Aseel, Big Dash, Anwar's Kitchen, and Old Jerusalem stand as symbols of resilience, entrepreneurship, and cultural heritage. Today, we shed light on the importance of supporting these Palestinian businesses within the United States and the power of unity in overcoming adversity.

Support these 10 Palestinian-owned Restaurants in the United States:

Your choice to support Palestinian businesses reverberates far beyond commerce. It sends a powerful message of solidarity and acceptance. It defies bigotry and promotes inclusivity. We created a list of 10 Palestinian Owned Businesses from the many Palestinian owned restaurants within the United States. These restaurants aren't ranked in any particular order. Bring your family, friends, or potential soulmates to the restaurant below and show support:

1. Ayat NYC - New York, NY

Ayat NYC- New York, NY (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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Located in the bustling streets of New York City, Ayat NYC is a beacon of Palestinian bistro.  AYAT is a bistro where you will find honest, authentic Palestinian food made with love. A loving husband opened this bistro in honor of his wife, Ayat. She is a Palestinian lawyer with a real passion for food. This Muslim business owner  stated: “I created a bistro named after her where she can come to cook with local ingredients sourced from our FalahiFarms. A space where my wife can share her passion for food with the community she loves and works hard for.” 

2. Al Bawadi Grill - Chicago, IL

Bawadi Grill- Chicago IL (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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In the windy city of Chicago, Al Bawadi Grill stands tall as a culinary ambassador of Palestinian flavors. Located in the vibrant neighborhoods, this restaurant offers an extensive menu of Palestinian delicacies, from mouthwatering kebabs to fragrant rice dishes. By dining at Al Bawadi Grill, you’re indulging in the authentic taste of Palestine right in the heart of the Midwest.

3. Pita Inn - Chicago, IL

Pita Inn- Chicago, IL Palestinian Owned Restaurant
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Another gem in Chicago, Pita Inn is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking the genuine taste of Palestine. With multiple locations across the city, Pita Inn serves up an array of delectable dishes, from falafel wraps to delectable baklava. Each bite is a celebration of Palestinian culinary artistry, inviting you to savor the essence of Palestine in every bite.

4. Taza Café - Chicago, IL

Taza Cafe Chicago, IL (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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Nestled in the diverse neighborhoods of Chicago, Taza Café is more than just a coffee shop; it's a community gathering place. With a warm ambiance and freshly brewed Palestinian coffee, Taza Café fosters dialogue and connection. By choosing Taza Café, you’re supporting a business that brings people together, one cup of coffee at a time.

5. Al Basha - Paterson, NJ

Al Basha- Paterson, NJ (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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Yaser Baker grew up in Ramallah, Palestine where he began his culinary journey. Yaser stated that he had always possessed a deep love for food and dreamed of one day opening his own restaurant. In 1998, said Bismillah and opened Al-Basha Restaurant. Located in a vibrant neighborhood in Paterson, New Jersey the restaurant soon became a beloved culinary hotspot. By dining at Al Basha, you’re embarking on a culinary journey through the heart of Palestine, right in the heart of Texas.

6. Duzan - Queens, NYC

Duzan- Queens NYC (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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From the fragrant spices of za'atar to the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread, Duzan tantalizes taste buds with the essence of Palestine. The restaurant not only serves delectable meals but also acts as a cultural bridge, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in the warm hospitality and culinary artistry that define Palestinian culture. Join Duzan in savoring the authentic tastes and heartfelt stories that beautifully represent Palestine in the heart of New York City.

7. Al Aseel - Houston, TX

Al Aseel- Houston TX (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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In sunny Houson, Texas Al Aseel is known for their award winning fried chicken. This authentic Palestinian restaurant is one of the fav lunch spots in Houston with a Middle Eastern twist By indulging in Al Aseel’s cuisine, you’re supporting a business that crafts mixes America'scuisine with the heart of Palestinian dining.

8. Big Dash - Richardson, Texas

Big Dash- Richardson, TX (Palestinian Owned Restaurant)
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Big Dash celebrates its Palestinian roots by offering a menu that pays homage to the diverse culinary traditions of the region. Every dish tells a story, from the aromatic spices to the fresh ingredients sourced locally. The menu features classics like Musakhan, where tender chicken is marinated in sumptuous spices and served on a bed of perfectly baked bread, creating a harmony of flavors that dance on your taste buds.

9. Anwar's Kitchen - Los Angles, CA

Anwar's Kitchen- Los Angeles, CA (Palestinian Restaurant)
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Nestled in the vibrant city of LA, Anwar's Kitchen is a culinary gem where family recipes come to life. With a menu inspired by Palestinian home-cooking, every dish is a tribute to the warmth of Palestinian hospitality. By dining at Anwar's Kitchen, you’re supporting a business that preserves the authenticity of Palestinian family recipes, ensuring that the flavors of tradition continue to thrive.

10. Old Jerusalem - San Francisco, CA

Old Jerusalam- San Francisco, CA (Palestinian Restaurant)
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In the heart of San Francisco, Old Jerusalem offers a timeless culinary experience. With its traditional decor and mouth watering dishes, this restaurant is a portal to the past. By choosing Old Jerusalem, you’re supporting a business that keeps Palestinian culinary traditions alive, inviting you to savor the authentic taste of Palestine in every bite.

A Call to Action: How You Can Contribute

1. Patronize Palestinian Businesses: Whether you would like to hang out with family on a Friday, or meet a potential spouse *wink wink* you should go out and support Palestinian owned businesses.

2. Social Media Support: Follow these businesses on social media platforms. Like, share, and comment on their posts. Your engagement can amplify their reach and counter negativity.

3. Positive Reviews: If you’ve had a great experience, leave a positive review. Counteract the impact of negative reviews with genuine testimonials of your own.

4. Community Events: Organize community events or gatherings at Palestinian-owned establishments. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion there to show your support.

5. Educate Others: Spread awareness about the challenges faced by Palestinian-American businesses. Encourage your friends and family to support these establishments and share the importance of unity in the face of adversity.

6. Donate to Charities to Support Humanitarian Aid for Palestine Salams App is matching donations up to 20,000 USD, we are amplifying the impact of your support. Every dollar you donate will be doubled, making your contribution go even further in providing essential aid to the people of Gaza. Donate now by clicking here.

The Power of Unity: Supporting Palestinian Businesses

In times of adversity, unity becomes our greatest strength. Within the Muslim community, supporting Palestinian businesses isn’t just about enjoying delicious food, purchasing unique products, or experiencing cultural richness. Supporting Palestinian businesses like Ayat NYC, Al Bawadi Grill, Pita Inn, Taza Café, Al Basha, Duzan, Al Aseel, Big Dash, Anwar's Kitchen, and Old Jerusalem isn’t just an act of commerce; it’s an act of defiance against discrimination. It’s a stand for justice, unity, and cultural preservation. Together, as a community, we can turn the tide against hate and celebrate the strength of diversity. Let’s stand with these businesses, not just as patrons, but as allies and advocates, ensuring that they continue to flourish against all odds.

Salams is all about bringing Muslims together. Bring your family, friends, and potential soulmates to these restaurants.Make sure to share positive reviews. If you know any other Palestinian owned restaurants DM us on instagram: Salams Instagram

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