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Where to Eat Halal in NYC, LA, and Houston!

Ibrahim Sal

Sisters, are you meeting with him and his family for the first time? Brothers, are you meeting with her Mahram for the first time? Brothers and Sisters do you want to meet up with muslim friends and enjoy a halal meal? If you plan to travel to Houston, Los Angeles, or New York City and need some halal food suggestions, we got you! 

Sharing food has been the key to bringing people together since the beginning of time. It’s how we meet up to connect to potential spouses and meet with their families. It’s how we nurture relationships, make friends, or celebrate milestones. It’s how we feel the gratitude of life from the beginning of the meal when saying Bismillah(In the name of Allah) to ending with Alhumdulillah(Praise be to Allah). So what better way to bring together muslims than to blog about the type of food we love: HALAL! 

Ibrahim Sal, has traveled to many places around the U.S. and will help us figure out where to find the "halal food near me".

Where to Eat Halal Food in NYC?        

Answer: AUZA'ATAR  (New York, NY)

Overview: Au Za’atar(add hyperlink) is a Lebanese / Middle Eastern restaurant which has quickly become a destination in the East Village for New Yorker's and tourists alike, serving family recipes from Lebanon and other middle eastern countries. The menu is crafted by head Chef Tarik Fallous highlights the best of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and homemade dishes.

My Personal Experience: Visiting New York, it's fairly easy to find halal spots throughout the whole glooming city. Although it’s hard to navigate through the multiple intersections, and countless lines of traffic, Auza’atar is a Lebanese halal spot that will hit the spot in many different ways. Every time I go to New York, I HAVE to stop by and grab either lunch or dinner. The owner goes above and BEYOND, to make sure all of his customers are 100% satisfied. My personal favorite is the chicken shawarma skewer, which comes rotating on a metal rod surrounded by a load of freshly seasoned fries. Leaving this restaurant at the top of my halal food spot list.
From personal experience, reservations are highly recommended for this restaurant. 

Location(s): 188 Ave A New York, NY 10009 (East Village) | 1063 1st Ave New York, NY 10022 (Midtown East Location)

Instagram: @AuZaatar

Where to eat Halal food in Houston?

Answer: ABU OMAR (Houston, Texas)

Overview: Since Abu Omar Halal's(Add hyper link) humble beginnings as Houston's first and only halal food truck, they have proudly grown the brand into a fleet of food trucks and restaurants located across the great state of Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. Abu Omar Halal serves a variety of halal street food and sandwiches, but they are best known for their signature chicken shawarma.

My Personal Experience: I heard so many good reviews on the shawarma by Abu Omar, I have traveled all over the world, including the middle east trying shawarma every time I visit a new city. I went to the location in Arlington Texas. The location was extremely clean, very friendly staff, and the welcoming owner was working behind the counter. I ordered the regular chicken shawarma which came with fries and a drink. The meal was absolutely amazing, and I would rate it a 10/10. Google reviews has them at 4 stars along with a review from Ahmad Hussein saying, “The restaurant is so clean and brand new, they have great customer service and even better food!”.

Location(s): 9200 S Main St, Houston, Texas 77025 | 6377 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas 77057 | 3025 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129 | 2300 W Division St, Arlington, TX 76012

Instagram: @Abu_Omar_Halal

Where to Eat Halal Food in LA? 

Answer: URBAN SKILLET (Los Angeles, California)

Overview: Urban Skillet(Add hyper link) is proud to introduce a full new menu and new vibe! Still serving 100% fresh and Halal food and would love for

you to come and try the new masterpieces! Each ingredient we use is of the highest quality and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Come see this food miracle for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

My Personal Experience: As I visited Los Angeles California, this place was recommended to me from all of my friends that lived locally and said this was their favorite spot in all of LA to get halal burgers for lunch or even dinner! My go-to item on their menu was the “Truffle Burger”; served with Brioche bread and a half pound patty followed by a countless amount of toppings. The google reviews speak for themselves, “Food was served in a timely manner, good staff, and cozy atmosphere” (Arij from Google Reviews).

Location(s): 5060 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 

Instagram: @theUrbanSkillet

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