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Where to Eat Halal in New Jersey

Ibrahim Sal

#1  Juicy! Halal with Heart - Fair Lawn (4.5 ★★★★ Google Reviews)

Juicy serves Mediterranean inspired food made with Halal ingredients, believing in the fact that food should taste fun. From rice to chicken and veggies, layered with fresh food, and colorful spices and sauces. Food that will make you wonder where pita and turmeric rice has been your whole life.

I tried Juicy, for the first time back in the summer of this past-year. I personally get the platter with extra falafel. This is the perfect food for late night cravings next time you are in the Fair Lawn, New Jersey area. It is very rich in spices and flavors, so definitely try the platter if you are into mixing your food together and having multiple flavors together. If you are more of a traditional eater, the wrap or the salads they have also pack a punch of flavor so that would be the better route! They have amazing reviews online, and the customers leaving the reviews will show you how great of a restaurant Juicy really is. This google review from Gabe says, “Excellent experience. Went for dinner last night, and while eating my food started discussing with my friends about how we thought the portion sizes were larger in the past. The manager Leon overheard us and immediately insisted on getting us more food. The food was delicious and you can tell that the team here enjoy their jobs and have a great relationship with each other” (Google Review). I personally loved the restaurant, and will go again next time I am in New Jersey. If you’re craving a late night snack, or even a halal restaurant with your friends, this is the spot to hit!

Instagram: @Juicyplatters 

Locations - 3 Locations in Fairlawn, Hackensack, & Harrison

  1. 23-16 Broadway, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 [Closes at 12am]
  2. 370 W Pleasantview Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601 [Closes at 11pm]
  3. 406 Bergen St, Harrison, NJ 07029 [Closes at 11pm]

Contact - Phone Numbers for Each Location

  1. Fairlawn Location Phone # : (201) 773 - 8400
  2. Hackensack Location Phone # : (201) 880 - 7277
  3. Harrison Location Phone # :  (973) 849 - 0440

#2  Al-Basha (4.7 ★★★★ Google Reviews)

Their story is absolutely beautiful as it is the Taste of Ramallah from their family to yours, which creates a normal sit-down restaurant experience that turns into a core memory between your family and theirs. 

The owner states on his website, To me hard or easy it doesn’t matter, I wanted to learn. Back in my native country, I’d always cooked for the family parties, but had never done it professionally,” said Basha, the father of five. Basha remained on board for 11 years, rose to the rank of chef and became fully versed in Italian and American cuisines. During those years, his dream of owning a restaurant became clearer, and it was realized eleven years ago with Al-Basha Restaurant at 1076 Main St. in Paterson. To open an Italian restaurant requires a sizable investment in terms of equipment,” he explained.So instead, I figured I’d offer the Middle Eastern cuisine I’d grown up with. And there was no question that the best location would be along Main Street in Paterson. Look around, this is a community hub for shopping and restaurants. We have diners who come weekly from as far as Albany (N.Y.), Connecticut, New York and Maryland. As if on cue, a patron from a nearby table announced, “I’d tell you how good the food is, but I’m a friend of Yaser’s so it wouldn’t count.” Turning to a dining companion, Richard Wilbur of Manhattan, the man asked, “What do you think?” Wilbur answered, “It’s the best Middle Eastern dish I’ve ever had. No, no, make that the best all-time meal.” A big smile of pride broke out across Yaser’s face. “Yes, that’s my biggest reward,” he said. The selection Wilbur was referring to was the Al-Basha Platter, a sampling of signature dishes. The generously portioned platter is a perfect introduction for diners unfamiliar with the Middle Eastern cuisine. I have been to Al-Basha’s restaurant multiple times, and they have never let me down. The food is fresh every single time I come in, and the service is unbeatable from any other place in the entire city. My go-to item on their menu is the Lamb chops. They have to be the juiciest lamb chops I’ve had at any Mediterranean restaurant. If you want a nice sit down restaurant, that halal, and very fresh. Check out Al-Basha. 

Instagram: @EatAlBasha

Locations - 2 Locations in Paterson [One Take out/Delivery/ & Dine-in only]

  1. Dine-in Only: 387 Crooks Ave Paterson, NJ 07503 [Closes at 10pm]
  2. Takeout/Delivery: 1076 Main St Paterson, NJ 07503 [Closes at 9 pm]

Contact - Phone Numbers for Each Location

  1. Dine-In Only Location Phone # : (973) 345 - 8558
  2. Hackensack Location Phone # : (973) 345 - 3700

#3  Pita Square (4.6 ★★★★ Google Reviews)

This halal restaurant known as “Pita Square” was started by two friends with the goal of serving high-quality flavorful mediterranean food in a casual and non-stuffy setting.their passion and desire to share with others the rich flavors of the food they grew up with led them to build something great. Pita Square opened its doors in the summer of 2019 in Newark, New jersey. Pita square believes in creating an enriching & flavorful food experience using only fresh ingredients. Each morning locally sourced meats and produce are delivered and prepared to create a one of a kind experience. I tried Pita Square at the end of 2020, and got the 6-8 people tray. It has Kufta, Chicken Kebab, Shawarma, Hummus, Babaghanouj, Falafel, and Served With Rice & Salad. My family was a group of  7 people, and the food was plentiful and everyone from our group was full and loved the food. 

Instagram: @PitaSquare 

Their google reviews serve as the best testimonials for them as well, Vianny on google reviews says, The best food I've ever had. I've been too many Middle Eastern Places all around the world, and none of them compare to Pita Square. The spicy hummus melts on your tongue. The Chicken Kabob is savory and addicting. The rice and beef are out of this world. Not only was the food out of this world, the customer service was as well. They were friendly and quick. Not only did they make my stomach smile, they also made me smile. I love Pita Square! And I can't wait to go back. Their customer service is over the top, as their owner wants to make sure you are fully satisfied before you leave! Make sure to check them out if you have a mid size group that's hungry for some halal food!

Location - Only location in Newark 

  1. 95 Halsey St, Newark, NJ 07102

Contact - Phone Numbers for Location

  1. Location Phone # : (973) 991 - 3300

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