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Eid Recap: Where to hangout with Muslims

Miriam Benzari

Eid Mubarak to you all Inshallah you all enjoyed your eid with your family and friends and really took in the meaning of Eid Adha (The Big Eid). Muslims celebrate for a total of 4 days! The Days of Thanks (Ayyamul Tashriq) are 3 days after the day of Nahr (sacrifice), in which we remember Allah much, and spend time with friends and family. So the question is:

What did you do for Eid?

Salams will walk you through our EID RECAP and give you awesome ideas for where you can go to hang out with Muslims in real life (IRL). We want to show you some halal places you could go to for the Fridays (mini-Eids) of the week. 

Whether you are a Muslim mom, a single Muslim, a new Muslim or a Muslim who traveled to a new city and are looking for Muslim friends, don’t worry, the Salams app is not just for marriage. Salams app is an app for you all to meet new Muslims friends who have similar interests as you on Salams Connect! So read our Eid recap to get ideas about what halal places you can go to for fun and possibly connect with Salams users IRL.

Muslim Friends with Kids 

As I talked with my friends with kids over Eid, I noticed that a lot of families had a common theme of where they wanted to have fun for Eid. Muslim families go beach days, amusement parks, and regular parks for a BBQ cookout. If you have little ones and wanted to connect with other Muslim moms on Salams connect but don’t know where you should go, here are a few ideas you can consider.  

1. Fun Zone: 

with this heat, we all have been having this will be a fun and cool day to take the kids inside with the Muslims in Michigan. This event is four days so if you have missed a day no worries you have three more dates to choose from. 


©Six Flags

If you need an EID in which you can include all the family six flags is a place you can choose to celebrate especially if you have older kids. 


Why not head over to your local beach and bring a basket with all of your favorite foods and enjoy. Bring lots of healthy snacks and drinks to spend a full beach day out in the sun. 

4. American Dream Mall:

American Dream Mall in NJ

The best thing about the American Dream mall is it has a little for the entire family such as a miniature golf course, water parks, indoor snowboarding, and of course shopping for the adults! 

5. Picnic in the park

Don’t plan just a chip and juice picnic. Plan a cute boho-themed picnic for your loved one to enjoy as it is Eid and you know you’ll want to take lots of pictures for all your social media. 

Brunch with Muslim Friends

Did you all brunch after prayer? Here are a few brunch ideas that you should try next Eid if you have the time. Brunch with Friends is always fun as you’ll get to catch up and enjoy one another's company. 

1. Brownstone Pancake Factory:

Known for their crazy shakes and unique french toast brownstone is the place to eat all while enjoying Eid and perfect pictures for your social media. (Recommended the cinnamon toast crunch french toast). 

2. Four Brothers:

Muslim-owned four brothers will give you that down south breakfast taste that we all love.  Four brothers Offers their customers chicken and waffles, grits, bacon, and pretty much any breakfast food that you can think of. 

3. Sugartreecafe:

If you need a light breakfast this is the place to be because you probably won’t want to eat after you see the ambiance. As soon as you walk into Sugar Tree you will be greeted by the best floral setup that you can think of (perfect for pictures).  Sugar trees offers their customers lattes, waffles, and avocado toast. 

4. Turning Point:

Nice and laid-back breakfast spot for all your brunch needs. The best one to go to is in Long Branch, NJ as you get to eat outside all while viewing the beach and enjoying great food! 

5. Toast

This is for our lite eaters who know that it’s Eid but of course still want to indulge in a few lite breakfast options such as bowls of fruits, oatmeal, and egg white options, don’t worry they definitely have pancakes, scrambled eggs, and french toast.  (Recommended Crab cakes). 

Couple Dinners

A EID date night is always a good idea as you and your spouse-to-be can catch up and talk about the day all while dressed up in your best!

  1. Auzaatar:  

Enjoy the best Mediterranean food from hummus, shish tawook, and the shawarma and fries platter ( a must-have that you need to order). 

2. Albashausa:

Go and sit in a nice ambiance with your Love and order great food and enjoy. (Recomdinatons Hummus, lamb chops, and Arabic tea).  

3. Yasmeen

Great food and great conversation over tasty food is always the vibe you want when you go out with your special someone. (Recommended Meat Arayas, garlic chicken, and lamb chops). 

4.  Tops Diner: 

Believe us when we say this is not your normal diner food you are not about to walk into a trucker spot for mediocre food that you will have to complain about. Tops Diner is Nj’s best-kept secret its a nice breakfast spot but even better for dinner as the ambiance and presentation is a seven across the board! (Recommended:  lobster mac and cheese and shrimp alfredo).  

5.  Dinner Cruise:

To enjoy your evening and end your night right why not do something different and book a dinner cruise and enjoy a beautiful view, and tasty food all while enjoying the company of the one you love!  

Do you have a few places that you may want to try next year for Eid? After reading this list you all have a set guide on where to eat and have fun.

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