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Where to Shop For Fashionable Hijabs

Miriam Benzari

Sisters, we all want to look good as we pose for potential profile-worthy pics. We want to look good when we go out to the mall with our girls. We definitely want to look good when we meet our potential spouse for the first time, after swiping and vibing on the Salams app. Understanding the different scenarios we find ourselves in makes finding the right hijab for every type of occasion critical. Let's read Miriam's review of the 3 different Modest Fashion brands that offer a variety of hijab styles:

Becoming your own boss can be hard, not only during the mist of a pandemic but in life in general. In business, you are no longer on your time, you are on your customers’ time. They will need your attention at all times between uploading new products, answering customer questions, and let’s not forget keeping your business relevant through all social platforms and engaging with your customers. As we move into the cooler weather, we all want luxury fashionable hijabs, garments and accessories, don’t we? Look no further as these top Muslim-owned brands are waiting for you to shop right now.

1. Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab:  Everyone’s go-to hijab company is ready for you shop as they gear toward the cooler weather. Founder Melanie Elturk established it in 2010 after noticing many Muslim women struggle to find comfortable, quality hijabs that made them feel confident. She couldn’t understand why such an important garment was so often treated as an afterthought as she knew it was a need in this fashion area as a Muslim woman. In 2018, Haute Hijab released their first luxury collection, which was featured in media publications including Elle, Glamour, and Vogue Arabia, as well as many more. With hijabs ranging from chiffons, jersey knit and even printed hijabs, Haute Hijab is for sure to have items that fit each customer’s style. Haute Hijab’s mission statement is to create a world where every woman feels comfortable and confident at all times.

Top 3 Best sellers from Haute Hijab 

Premium Jersey Hijab

Bamboo Woven Hijab 

Tech Sport Hijab 


SilqRose: Is a holistic brand built on the principles of self-care, sustainability, empowerment and consciousness. After two years of development in 2017, the brand launched in 2019 with a mission to redefine the modest fashion industry using practices and choices deeply rooted in the Islamic faith. SilqRose was founded by a small team of passionate, dedicated change makers and creatives in London who have spent many years researching and testing the best fibers to make the best hijabs customers come to know. SilqRose uses biodegradable fabrics, innovative fibers and smart textiles to ethically produce hijabs for incredible women. Working directly with people at each point in the supply chain allows SilqRose to have full transparency over all elements in relation to social and environmental sustainability, in addition to the quality of products.

Best Sellers from SilqRose

Silk Hijab

Crinkled Ecovero Hijab

Ribbled Jersey Hijab 

3.Modest Bayb Fashion Boutique

Let’s all welcome Modest Bayb Fashion Boutique to  your closet this 2021-2022 season.  Founded by 24-year-old Bishara Hamlet, it recently launched in September, 2021. She’s eager to put her brand out there in the world and to share the Modest Bayb vision with women around the world who are like her. 

Modest Bayb offers their customers Abayas, hijabs and accessories to fit all their needs. Customers can expect note cards in all of their packages with either a Hadith, Aayah, quote or a poem in hopes of brightening up at least one customer’s day (That’s exciting because just the simplest gesture can warm a customer’s heart). Always keeping Islam first in their brand, customers should expect nothing less, as Modest Bayb’s mission is to provide honesty and confidence as well as promoting self-love as true beauty stems from within. With being a first time business owner, Modest Bayb Fashion Boutique is making sure that they are writing down all their important business notes and keeping an eye on their calendar.

Top Hijabs to look for from Modest Bayb 
Pink Tie-dye Hijab

Pompom Hijabs

The Rust Hijab

With the hijab being the main accessory for the Muslim woman, why not buy the best? You don’t have to wear hijabs that don’t fit your style, and you can shop from silks, chiffons and jersey knit fabrics. With many options to choose from for all Muslim women there are options for everyone! There is a little something for the eco-friendly hijabi as well as the luxurious Muslim woman. Who are you all shopping with for your hijab? Let your fellow readers know who they too should have a look into for the best hijabs!

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