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Where to Shop For Muslim Wedding Attire

Miriam Benzari

This is the year of weddings as the world has opened up just a little since the pandemic. This is the year that all the 2022 brides can plan how they really want—especially if they were a 2020-2021 bride! Roughly 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year, the most since 1984. 

As a bride, we are sure that you ladies have  your guest  list finished and this time you didn’t have to cut anyone from your list due to how many people you could have due to covid.  Do you have your  wedding check list ready to go? Venue, flowers, table settings and let’s not forget you have to have a color scheme but wait we have all these items listed for your big day but do you have your dress? Did you say no? Well you are the most important person for this big day ( yes the groom is important but it’s about you right now).  I am sure it’s hard finding a wedding dress that fits your style  and is modest, but look no further this list will give you plenty of options. 

1. Hamid Klait Haute Couture

If you are a bride looking for that princess  dress this is the shop you will need to shop with to have your wedding vision come true of how you want to look on your special day. Just know InshaAllah no other bride will have your dress as pieces are all one of a kind. 

2. Modanisa:

This one is for our simple bride who doesn’t want to spend too much on her dress but may want a little flare to her dress or this could even be a dress for the bride having a destination wedding and needs to throw something quick in her bag.

3. Bridal Light :

What you’ll love about Bridal Light is how they categorize their dresses from beach, modest , A-line and Muslim dresses for all their customers to easily navigate the site. If you are a lace or beaded bride Bridal Light has a little for all you brides. 

4. Rihanna Bridal:  

Now what if we told you that we have a bridal shop that is  a one stop shop all around, because as a bride you do not need the hassle when she is preparing for her big day. Rihanna Bridal provides all their brides Makeup, henna  and bridal dress services. If you are bride getting married this year make sure to check  them out. 

5. Net-A-Porter:

The best thing about Netter Porter is that you’ll get designer gowns, shoes, and accessories all for your big day. Yes, we know once you start getting into designer items you start spending a lot more money but don’t worry Net-A-Porter is a reconsignment company meaning you can send your items back in good condition and they’ll resale it for you and you’ll get money for your items sent.

6. Hebeos:   

If you're a bride that wants lace for her big day make sure to have a look at Hebeos and shop all of their modest wedding attire — now if you need a dress for your henna part they have beautiful dresses that you can choose from for this eventful time in your life. 

7. Macy’s:

Yes Brides! Macy’s has modest bridal dresses, if you are a bride that is not all for wearing white you can always choose colors that best fit your color schemes and style. Let’s not forget shopping at Macy’s for your wedding is the perfect place as it’ll be a one stop shop  for shoes, makeup, jewelry and much more! 

8. David’s Bridal: 

Sweet and simple may be what you want! Your dress does not need to be all over the top with a lot of bling, lace or tulle! With the proper accessories you can dress your wedding dress up and what better way to shop with David’s bridal bling collection and if you are in the beginning stages of wedding planning and need the help David’s bridal offers their customers planning  services if you need and want the help!

9. Sefamerve:

Offering their customers simple and modest wedding dresses and garments,  Sefamerve carries everything that you need from hijabs, shoes, cosmetics and much more! 

10. ASOS:

Now we have your dress for you Nikah what about the Walima?  Especially if you are that bride that needs a dress change! Look no further and shop with ASOS  for modest attire that can fit your style— remember ASOS is the spot for all things trendy! 

So brides where are we shopping first? What  style are you looking for on you big day? Let us know! 

May Allah bless All  of our your unions. Ameen!

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