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Where to Shop for Muslimah Activewear

Miriam Benzari

As we gear into the winter months, this is definitely the time we all gain just a few extra pounds that we did not intend to (we just have to have that extra cookie or eat that piece of chicken that is just calling our name). Oh, and let’s not forget the time change — shorter days and longer nights that can have a toll on our bodies.  

As Muslim women, it can become difficult to look for proper activewear to wear to the gym or a sporting activity. The normal go-to for most Muslim women are sweatpants, long tunics, and, of course, our hijab. What if we told you there are clothing brands that specialize in the perfect MODEST activewear for the Muslim woman? 

Sukoon: Eco-friendly modest activewear brand that offers workout hijabs, shirts, and tote bags. Sukoon products are made from natural, sustainable materials that provide high quality comfort for durable activewear. What’s unique about Sukoon are their workout hijabs  which have a snap clip closure and loop functions that you can adjust to your liking — wait, let’s not forget the secret pocket to hold your phone at your convenience. 

ASIYA SPORT:  Founded by Muslim women and made for the active Muslim woman. Asiya sport offers their customers light-weight activewear hijabs. All hijabs are soft with sweat-absorbing fabrics that keep you cool as you work out.  If your workout consists of swimming, ASIYA SPORT offers a swim hijab with ultra-chlorine resistance, as well as UVA and UVB protected swim fabric.

Modanisa:  We all go to Modanisa for our everyday and formal wear, but why not make it all a one stop shop that also includes your formal attire and activewear?  Modanisa offers their customers tracksuits, tunics, and workout hijabs. 

Dignitii:  Founded by psychology graduate Khaoula, who found herself depleted of energy and decided to exercise more. When Khaoula started to work out, she would wear a long cotton tunic, jersey hijab, and sweatpants. After finding herself uncomfortable in her “workout attire,” Khaoula decided to start her own business in response to the lack of modest attire for the Muslim woman. Dignitii offers their customers loose leggings and sporty hijabs. 

Artizara: Looking for more of a sporty look? Well, look no further and shop Artizara for all your sporty needs. Artizara offers their customers modest, long, and lightweight sports tracksuits, sporty hijabs, and sporty workout jackets.


Bella Hijabs: Designed by women for women who are looking for full coverage modest activewear, Bella Hijabs activewear products are crafted with moisture-wicking, quick-drying and breathable fabrics.  Bella Hijabs offers their customers hooded workouts tops, activewear pants, swimwear, and sporty skirts. 

Raqtive:  Malaysian-based active wear brand founded in 2010 that advertised the first sports hijab pro line. Raqtive offers their customers jersey knit shirts and sports hijabs. They use the best materials, such as high-quality microfibers which allows for better perspiration, absorbency, and high breathability without compromising comfort.

Liawear: Founded in 2009 by Muslim designer Latifa Ihsan Ali. Latifa created Liawear due to her passion for helping women become active or remain active all while keeping modest. Liawear offers their customers modest swimsuits, sportswear, and headwear.

With all these Muslim activewear lines, who will you shop with first? We know it’s hard to keep active in the colder months, but keep that energy up and stay active. Here are a few tips and exercises that you can do during the colder months after you shop all the best modest active lines. 

Exercises to keep you active during the winter:

Walking and running:  A quick run or walk before or after work will keep your heart pumping. Walking for five or ten minutes a day can reduce the risk of death and cardiovascular diseases. 

Stretching: Find yourself just standing in one spot? Just take a moment to stretch and breath in and out — take a deep breath! Stretching has many benefits, including decreasing muscle stiffness and managing stress and improving posture. 

Cycling: Your legs may be in pain the first try, but don’t worry ——After taking a few classes you’ll be a pro! 

Kickboxing: Want to burn calories? Kickboxing can burn about 450-530 calories (who’s ready to sign up?). Kickboxing can be good for your heart, joints, strength, balance, and coordination. It's a great way to tame stress, too.  

Yoga: Helps with flexibility, balance, and strength. Yoga’s slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles, all while holding a pose and building strength. Yoga is as good as basic stretching for easing pain and improving mobility in people with lower back pain.  

Create an at-home routine:  If you are that person that really doesn’t have time to take a gym class, create your own at home gym and do your own routine that you’ll enjoy and just make sure you keep your body moving! 

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