Our Love Stories

Here are just a few of the tens of thousands of success stories on Salams!

Rawan Ammouri and Husband

We met in May of this year on your app. The conversation was so easy and he was so sweet; we quickly exchanged numbers and hopped off the app. And our wedding will be next November inshallah.

Heba and Husband

A simple weekend trip to NYC changed my whole life. Alhamdulilah.
Despite the distance

Nabeel and Zehra

They both swiped right on Minder! Nabeel lives in Detroit and Zehra in the D.C. area. Because they're both busy working professionals, it was difficult to meet someone and Minder turned out to be helpful.
When I saw him it was like I knew him my entire life

Hoda and Behjat

We matched September 3 2018. On November 3rd he drove down to meet my father & I for the first time. When I saw him it was like I knew him my entire life. I wasn’t shy, and he felt like home.
married since June of 2018

Raida and Husband

I used other apps but was unsuccessful, until a friend of mine told me about Minder. I set up my account which was very easy and I really liked how I could specify my preferences.
He was on the West Coast and I was on the East Coast

Zaki and Wife

Zaki and I met on Minder in July of 2018. He so gracefully roasted my fashion sense and I so gracefully left him on read. It's a good thing he wasn't afraid to double text. At the time, he was living on the East Coast in Columbus, Ohio and I was living on the West Coast in Vancouver, BC.
They found love on Minder

Yousif and Wife

I’d like to say it was as easy for me as it was for my wife, Wafa. I was on there for a few months - she was on there for a few hours when we both matched. Within a few days we both wanted to meet each other. I can’t tell you exactly when we matched, but I believe it was May 2018; we met in person in June, and got married November 2018. Online “matching” can be so stressful - and often felt like grad-school or a job application process with “interviews” looking for the right one. I’ll tell you though, it was worth it to finally find her, and that process of meeting / interviewing all the people that didn’t work out made it so much clearer when I finally met the one that was perfect for me. Thanks again, for making the world a little bit smaller, and facilitating a match that’s made my life infinitely better.
Long distance love

Kamran and Sarrah

I hope this email finds you well. Yes, I did find my now husband, Kamran on minder. It's actually a funny story. I was in North Carolina just visiting and he was working in South Carolina. While I was there I bought the feature to see who swipes on me. I noticed he swiped right on me, and I thought he was really cute and wasn't a catfish. We started chatting, and then he FaceTimed me to see if I wasn't a catfish. I was back in Michigan, and he was back in New Jersey, and he got on a flight to take me out on a date in Michigan. We were in a long distance relationship for about two years. He would come see me every two weeks.  I had my engagement on November 29, 2019 and I just got married on March 21, 2020. Mashallah we are very happy. Honestly, we love it because we have been long distance for so long, this has been rather rewarding.I would've never thought minder would be how I would find my soulmate, who was 638 miles away from me. I initially jokingly downloaded the app, not thinking it was going to go anywhere. But here I am, married to him. I think Minder is a great way to eliminate the whole weirdness with multiple men coming to visit a girl to see if they like her. This app allows individuals to communicate and get to know someone. Thank you minder, for helping me find this guy. I have attached a photo of us.