Abhi & Wife

Abhi and I met on Salams. He lives in Austin and I live outside Philadelphia - I had a 50 mile radius on my app, but Abhi happened to be at an airport in DC about to fly back to Austin after visiting a friend when we matched! A little over a month later, he flew up to Philly to meet me in person for the first time. It felt like we had known each other for years. Long distance and FaceTime dates really allowed us to create a strong foundation by getting to know each other through just talking and becoming best friends.

We safely met up in person as much as we could, and we cherish those times even more since we know what it’s like to say goodbye and be apart. The pandemic also allowed us both to work from home, so we were able to spend longer periods of time together whenever we did meet up.

Abhi and I have been engaged since November of 2020 and we were married Fall of 2021. He will be moving up to the east coast very soon and I’m so happy that we happened to match that day when he was at the airport because I can’t imagine my life anymore without him.

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