Ahlam & Adil

I read his bio and was immediately intrigued. His bio was everything to me... I felt like we had so much in common and we really do. We joke and say we are the same person. I messaged him saying, “I hope you can help me delete this app.” From there we exchanged numbers and got on a phone call right away. Honestly, after the first call we both felt like we loved each other. We connected so deeply on an intellectual level and both wanted the same things for our future.

We talked about the serious stuff right away like marriage, kids, religion, finances and moved fast. It was only a few weeks later that he came and met my family. Everything was just easy. His family wanted to come with him when he came to visit me this past Eid and we decided we would read the Fatiha, then his father asked for my hand in marriage. We plan to get married next summer Inshallah.

 I couldn’t be happier and it is all thanks to Salams. He is Pakistani and I am Palestinian and from the very beginning we wanted to embrace each other’s cultures and that was very special to me. #SalamsSoulmate

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