Alia & Abdulkeni

My name is Alia and my husband Abdulkeni we met last June 2018. Right as Ramadan ended and we both were looking for our second chance in marriage. When we decided to meet up the first time he was to fly and come see me and the flight was overbooked. He said he would try again. The second time he booked my whole family was in town including my 5 aunts and 4 uncles and all my siblings! When he came to the dinner with me the first day he met me we had a “big fat Greek moment” where they kinda looked at my husband as if he was from another world. Well he was he was from Canada and he is Eritrean but when he spoke Arabic to them they all fell in love with his charming ways. He is very spoiled and loved by my aunts. When it came time for the wedding his aunts who are 5 beautiful woman came and braided my hair for the ceremony of the kitab and Henna. We had Palestinian and Eritrean traditions. The wedding was definitely a blended affair. Today we look back and we know it’s Naseeb and a helping hand from Salams!

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