Jerin & Shaharier

Don't Lose Hope on Finding Love on Salams! Jerin didn't!

What was your experience while using the Salams app?

"I found my soulmate and I would like to thank Salams for making this happen. There is still hope for everyone. I was on this app for few years & had deleted after some bad experiences. I re-downloaded to give this another chance and At the point I lost hope & was disappointed. Then I matched with this guy Shaharier on November 28th 2021 . Didn’t expect much success because of previous fails. I’m from Philadelphia and he is from New York . We started talking and getting to know each other. "

Can you describe your experience of when you met in person?

"He makes me a better person. We talked about going to hajj together with the families , talked about building a life together having babies. He makes me feel safe. When you find your soulmate and want to spend the rest of your life with that one you don’t want to waste any more time....We let our families know & with everyone’s blessings we had our Akdh on April 17th 2022 and registered court marriage on May 2nd 2022. Three months after on July 31st 2022 was my bidaii/farewell.  Not a single day goes by that he doesn’t make me feel special. Always making sure that I’m happy.

Any advice for other Salams users?

It’s when you expect the least and everything happened like a dream... When you know , YOU KNOW!

May Allah bless and protect the marriage of Jerin and Shaharier! May Allah bless them both with the best in this world and the next! Ameen!

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