Mahum & Ibrahim

What was your experience while using the Salams app?

Ibrahim's bio mentioned "Looking to find my future wife" and that instantly caught my eye. I had one intention and I was looking for something beautiful yet simple. Mahum's profile focused on having pure intentions and I wanted to get to know her more.

What attracted you to each other's profile?

Mahum: My experience was overall well because I found my husband Alhumdullilah. It was hard talking to a few people and feeling directionless but it takes sabr.
Ibrahim: I was on the app for years until I found Mahum. It took time but Mahum had it all.

Can you describe your experience of when you met in person?

It was really overwhelming but exciting for us. We were both extremely shy and nervous but we had a good time overall and shared laughs and great conversation. We had dinner and walked on the beach after. The restaurant holds a special place in our hearts

Any advice for other Salams users?

DO NOT GIVE UP! Allah SWT has written a spouse for all of us. Don't constantly look for faults in the person. Appreciate the person for who they are, give them a CHANCE, and COMPROMISE! There is no other way than finding a partner then communication.

May Allah bless and protect the marriage of Mahum and Ibrahim! May Allah bless them both with the best in this world and the next! Ameen!

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