Mehdi & Nora

What was it like meeting each other in person?

When we met in person, it was an instant connection beyond what was established online. Our online connection translated physically and was enhanced greatly in person. It felt like we knew each other forever MashAllah!

What was your experience while using the Salams app?

It's no secret that there are some individuals on Salams who are there for the wrong reasons. But despite this, my experience was nothing short of amazing. I found the love of my life

What attracted you to each other's profile?

We were both serious in our search for love and marriage and were attracted to each other from the get-go. But moreover, the realness in our hearts, our purpose, compatibility and cultural similarities really stood out to the both of us.

Any advice for other Salams Singles?

If you are on Salams for the right reasons, you will find your match. Put your heart out there and take a chance, its the only way you will know if this person is for you. If you don't take a risk, you may miss the chance to find your person.

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