Mona & Jon

My name is Mona and his name is Jon but recently changed it to Mohamed after converting to Islam. Alhamdullilah we are very happy ! Without Salams we would have never met and we got married in 2020. We matched on Salams on 01/23/2020 and kept on talking until we met in person on 04/08/2020. Now we are happily married and here to thank you guys the whole Salams team. (Also doing this for Amazon gift card hooray! ) We would love for our story to be shared so others can know that the Salams app does work. Once again thank you so much for the opportunity .

1) What attracted you to his profile and what attracted him to your profile?

I liked the fact that he knew more about Islam. It didn't matter if that he was a convert.

2) What was your experience while using Salams app?

On salams I met a lot of wonderful/admirable guys I’m grateful for the opportunity

3) Can you describe your experience of when you met in person?

At first I didn’t wanna meet him in person I was hesitant, then I was like it will never happen if you don’t right now so it was a great experience.

4) When did you both decide that you wanted to get married?

I was in college at the time so he gave me 6 months to prepare for graduation then after graduation we prepared our wedding

5) Any advice for other Salams users?

Be kind and courteous. You will find great ppl in here. Some might turn into lifelong friends, and some might be your soulmate

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