Nishat & Aniq

Around Ramadan 2020 I met my husband. I had gotten divorced in 2018 and decided to try an islamic dating app 2019, first time ever. I was super hesitant and didn't have much expectations. I was on and off a couple apps for a year afterwards while Aniq had this particular app for a few years. I never used a dating app during Ramadan as I personally thought I should be doing more productive things during that time. For some reason I decided to close all the other apps and just be active on this one and I chose to use it during Ramadan of 2020. Me and Aniq did not match; he instead sent me a telegram. He says it's the best $1.99 he ever invested in his life! I thank Allah and the app for meeting my best friend. Aniq proposed on New Years Eve and we had our nikkah done a few days later in January of 2021 alhamdulillah! Ramadan is truly a month of blessings and my biggest blessing is my husband.

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