Sam & Aisha

I didn’t know what Salams was until the day my sister had me download it. She made an amusing promise: that I’d download it, get a feel for the swiping game, and maybe someday find the love of my life. Little did I know, I completely lucked out; somewhere among those initial swipes, I came across the love of my life.My wife had been on Salams for quite some time with no luck. So when we swiped on each other, she seemed uninterested.

My first message to her was “AOA,” which didn’t lead to any fruitful dialogue, so I convinced myself I’d just been speaking with her mother. I wasn't ready to give up just yet, so I asked her to meet for coffee. She agreed to meet me if I spoke with her father on the phone first. After being interrogated by my future Father in Law, I finally got to meet the girl of my dreams.The night before we met, we spoke on the phone for hours. We really hit it off and there was an instant connection.​Our first real-life interaction introduced our inseparably magnetic connection -- since then, we haven't been able to stay away from each other​. We’d met in October and were engaged by December (following a proposal wherein I may or may not have tripped and fell while I was down on one knee).I only have one fateful night of taking my sister’s advice and shooting my shot.

But between us, one thing is certain: this kind of thing was supposed to be impossible. Then we found each other.We’re so grateful for how Salams brought us to each other. Looking back, with how much the world seems to expand every day, and with how much more distant we’ve all become, it seems unlikely that such a perfect match would happen anywhere else. Thanks to Salams, my wife and I are HAPPILY married with Allah as our witness, and may He guide us on a path of fulfillment, love, and happiness. Ameen

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