Samreen & Nadim

It was January 2020 and we both decided to try our luck and get back on Minder (now Salams). Little did we know we would connect instantly over a telegram! We messaged, then quickly switched to phone calls that lasted hours. We decided to meet soon after and became exclusive less than a month after we first met.  

When the pandemic began we took all precautions and only had social distance walking dates and virtual dates for months. This really forced us to become great communicators and accelerated our relationship. We had a social distance family meet up and alhumdulilah our families really liked each other and gave us their blessings, despite being from different ethnic backgrounds.

We married in December 2020 at home, with immediate family and a zoom link. Even the imam married us over zoom! We had the most intimate wedding but were also joined by our friends and family from around the world.Don't let anyone tell you that you won't find someone. We overcame societal norms (Samreen is 7 years older than Nadim), a global pandemic, and many other challenges that only made us stronger and even more grateful for each other. Allah is the best of planners.

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