Sarah & Mohammed

What was your experience while using the Salams app?

Our experiences on Salams were slightly similar. Neither of us were on the app for very long (I think a week total). I linked with people who I didn't find very interesting and I didn't spend much time interacting with them when I realized there wasn't a connection. Mohamed also connected with many people but didn't feel much of a connection. As soon as we both felt a connection, we took it "offline" and went to regular messaging, phone calls and Facetime.

What attracted you to each other's profile?

I was attracted to his profile because it seemed simple, humble, and straight to the point. There didn't seem to be this excessive effort to advertise himself as a catch-all personality. I also liked that his photos embodied many of my interests: travel, hiking, and running. Mohamed says he was attracted to my profile because of the selection of my photos and my self description. He also felt that it was humble and genuine. I think we were attracted for the same reasons! He mentions that he specifically noticed that I included photos of my mother in my photos. He remembers showing his mom the picture of me and mom while he was on the app.

Can you describe your experience of when you met in person?

Mohamed flew from Pennsylvania to Mississippi to meet me. He stayed at a local hotel. We met outside the hotel, which was a rush! We spent the whole weekend doing various activities in Jackson, Mississippi. I took him to my favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and hang outs. The weekend was spent doing a lot of ordinary things but our connection felt extraordinary.

When did you both decide to get married?

I called my mom after Mohamed left and I told her I thought I was going to marry him. Sounds insane, but we had texted, Facetimed, and called every day for a month before he flew to Mississippi. Meeting him in person just confirmed our connection. The realness of our conversation cemented the intention we both had and meeting in person sealed the deal.

Any advice for other Salams users?

Be honest and straight to the point. Don't waste time with users who don't appear to have the same intention. The potential of meeting the person who will end up being the core of your life is incredible. I'm now married to the person I cannot imagine life without and we have two beautiful children. I am SO grateful we met- it changed my life.

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