Sarah & Nadeem

My name is Sarah and I am originally from New York City. I have been living in the UAE for 9 years and I met the love of my life on the Salams App.

Nadeem and I have both been divorced once and have 5 children between us from our previous marriages. After a lot of soul searching and self healing from the trauma of my previous marriage, I decided to try Salams App after I saw that MaisVault was promoting it on IG. I met some interesting people but nothing stuck. Nadeem and I matched in March 2021 and there was an immediate connection. Best part is that we both live in Dubai so we got to spend time together during Ramadan and introduce our children to each other. Even the children connected instantly MashaAllah!

We got engaged on June 4th 2021. We were married in the Summer 2021 and we couldn't be happier. We found something special in each other and everything that was missing in our previous marriages. Allah made it so that we complete each other as one soul and we thank Salams App for making it easier to find each other.

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