Zeed & Mais

What attracted you to each other's profile?

We both are from the same country and had so many things in common I matched my husband 3 month until he matched me back and I got the courage to dm him first

What was your experience while using the Salams app?

The Salams app is great i would love my successful story to be an inspiration to others. Alhamdullah my husband and I are married for 5 months .

What was it like meeting in person?

I met my husband 3 weeks after the day we started talking .Our first time meeting in a restaurant and it was truly the best day of my life we had so many thing in common and we spoke the same language we’re both Iraqis . 1 months after meeting his family.

Any advice for other Salams users?

My advice is salams is great and thanks to salams I am happily married and you can too

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