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What Makes Salams the Best Muslim Marriage App?

The Salams Team

Are you searching for the best Muslim marriage app? Online dating can be a challenge, especially in the modern age where many people are looking for a good time instead of a future spouse. If you are interested in finding a serious Muslim partner who shares your faith and core beliefs, then you need to download Salams. 


Our marriage seeking services offer the best options for our members. Learn more about how you can get started chatting for free on our marriage app! 

What Makes Salams the Best Muslim Marriage App? 

Before you hand over all of your personal information, you may be wondering what you can gain from using our platform to look for Muslim singles. We have plenty of features that set us apart as a leader in the industry to help you meet new people. 


Salams is more effective than social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are the facts on why Salams is the best of all Muslim marriage sites. 

More than 6 Million Single Muslims

Finding a Muslim partner in real life can be a challenge, but Salams aims to make it easy. We have more than 2.5 million single Muslims signed up for our service, and they are all searching for a serious relationship that is built on a foundation of faith in Islam. 


You can rest assured that they will take your faith seriously and do their best to honor you as a future spouse, just like the Holy Quran commands. 


How does it work? All you have to do is swipe right on a person you feel has the potential to be marriage material for you. Your feedback on prospective partners is completely private, and you will only be matched with people who swiped right on you too. 


If you aren’t interested, swipe left and move on. With this many Muslim singles on one platform, you are sure to find someone with whom you are truly compatible. 

Over 600,000 Muslim Weddings

Muslim matrimony is something that should never be taken lightly. You are committing to spend the rest of your life being faithful to your new partner. Muslim marriage should always be focused on this long-term goal of seeking a wedding. 


So far, Salams has coordinated over 660,000 Muslim weddings and is on track to make 600,000 Muslim weddings a reality. Success stories of couples who met on our platform abound. Many of them go on to get married rather quickly. 


Meet someone who lives in your area or across the world. We are confident that the right person for you could be just a few swipes away. 

Free to Use

Do you hesitate to give your phone number out to people you met over the internet? This can feel too personal when you first meet someone new, which is why Salams encourages our users to make the platform work for you. You can start chatting for free with someone on the app right away. 


We have multiple ways you can contact your new match, including: 



Salams believes that free Muslim marriage should be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer a free version of our app to those who just want to get their feet wet in the world of Muslim online marriage seeking. 

You can dip your toes in the water with the free version of our Muslim marriage app, but you might get more out of it with a subscription to our premium features. 

Premium Features 

While the basic app is free to use, you can unlock more features with a paid subscription. Premium features are designed to help you match faster and give you more options when building a solid profile.


One feature that many people like about Salams Premium is unlimited swipes. You can spend hours flipping through the profiles and pictures of potential matches to find the person who is right for you. 

If you spend a lot of time on the free version and find that you run out of swipes for the day quickly, then you may want to invest in a Salams Premium subscription. 


Premium also allows you to see who likes you. You can instantly be matched with the people you like and pass on those you don’t. Our Muslim marriage app will never notify them that you passed on them, so you don’t have to worry about hurt feelings. 


Salams Premium gives you advanced search capabilities to filter potential matches by family origin or education. This feature gives you more insight into the kind of person you want to marry and makes for more successful matches. 


Increased privacy is another benefit of a Premium subscription. If you are interested in staying as anonymous as possible, you can choose who has access to your profile. You can even hide key details about yourself, such as your age or your online status. 

Networking and Friendship

Do you struggle to meet new people during your everyday life? While Salams is well known for our Muslim marriage app, we also help our users find more Muslim friends. You will feel an instant connection with someone who shares your faith and understands the culture that you come from. 


One of the benefits of utilizing Salams Connect is that it will only pair you with friends of the same gender. You won’t be shown any potential matches of the opposite gender unless you specifically sign up for a Salams Love profile. 

Download the Best Muslim Marriage App

If you have been searching for the best Muslim marriage app, look no further than Salams. We can help you find a Muslim partner or connect with new friends for free. Salams Premium subscriptions with access to more advanced features are also available. 

When you are ready to meet your future spouse, it is time to download Salams App and start matching with others! 

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