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7 Tips for Finding Muslim Marriage Online from Salams Couples

The Salams Team

It's hard being a single Muslim in the summer months. It's wedding season and you are invited to all these different weddings where aunties, uncles, grandparents ask you "When is your turn?" "Why aren't you married?" "You're next right?" Then they tell you, as if you already don't know already: "It's important to get married as a Muslim, it's half your Deen". It's super hard being a single Muslim, with the added pressure of Eid being in wedding season! All the family and friend gatherings are full blown: "It's the season to be married"

Here's a light of hope for you in wedding season with Eid coming up. Start your marriage search the actual marriage application called "Salams", that's us. Salams is the best muslim marriage app for muslim singles. With over 300,000 successful muslim marriages, GLOBALLY! Here are some tips from actual success stories on how you can find your soulmate on Salams:

Muslim Marriage Advice

1. Seek compatibility

Zakia & Kameron Married in 2020

Seek compatibility: Have patience and discuss marriage timeline and Islamic values as early as possible to prevent confusion. Try to find a partner who shares your values, beliefs, and goals. Religious compatiblity is very important, as well as finding someone with similar family values, lifestyle values, and long term goals. Compatibility in areas such as faith, family values, lifestyle, and life aspirations is crucial for a successful and fulfilling marriage.

2. Involve your family

Sarib & Sana Married in 2018

Involve your family: About a month and half from the day we matched, he flew to NJ to meet my family and I for the first time. (That's how you know they are serious) This followed up into his next visit to NJ on my birthday in July with his sisters. He then made a surprise visit in October, gathered some of my close friends and family and proposed to me where we had first met, in Central Park! Involve your family members, especially your parents, in the search for a potential spouse. Their insights and guidance can be valuable in evaluating compatibility. In Muslim culture, family plays an important role in the marriage process.

3. Balance religious and personal compatibility

Jerin & Shaharier Married in 2022

Balance religious and personal compatibility: Find someone who not only shares your religious beliefs but also complements your personality, interests, and lifestyle. He makes me a better person. We talked about going to Hajj together with the families, talked about building a life together, and having children. He makes me feel safe. When you find your soulmate and want to spend the rest of your life with that one you don’t want to waste any more time.

4. Seek pre-marital counseling

Sammy & Umme Kulsoom Married in 2021

Consider participating in pre-marital counseling or seeking advice from a trusted imam or counselor. When we signed up for for pre-marital counseling, it was really helpful in talking out some things that felt uncomfortable, but were very important. This can help you address any concerns, clarify expectations, and gain insights into building a strong foundation for your future marriage.

5. Trust in Allah and Pray Istikhara

Moustafa & Jennifer Married in 2022

Trust in Allah's plan and seek blessings from Allah by praying istikhara, a prayer for guidance in decision-making. After we made 2 Raka'at and put our full trust in Allah, we had that good feeling that we were meant for each other. Allah will guide you in your decision if you trust in Him before making a life altering decision of moving forward in the marriage process. It can help you seek clarity and seek Allah's guidance in your search for a life partner.

6. Communication is key

Noreen & Steve Married in 2020

Communication is key: Prioritize open and honest communication with your potential partner from the early stages of getting to know each other. Don't waste each other's time. Discuss your expectations, values, and future goals to ensure alignment. There's a balance of sharing various aspects of one's personality naturally and also having more serious and intentional conversations to discover compatibility. Be very clear about one's intentions and use relationships with friends, elders, spiritual advisors and couselors to constantly improve one's ability to assess others as a match and to communicate better in each phase of the process (messaging, phone calls and meeting). We used a list of 100 pre-marital questions that was modified and added to by a friend who had used them before us.

7. Patience and trust in Allah

Fahres & Nuzhat Married in 2019

Patience and trust in Allah: Be open to speaking to people on Salams, you may not find your Soulmate right away. After Trust in Allah's plan and be patient throughout your search. I was on the app for a year but my wife was on the app for a few weeks. Don't give up. It may not happen right away, but it will.  Allah said "And we have created you in pairs." (Quran: 78:8). Finding the right person may take time, and it's important to trust that Allah has a plan for you. Be proactive, but also have faith that the right person will come into your life at the right time.

Find your Soulmate on Salams

Don't worry, we understand, it's stressful being single! We got you! You gotta start somewhere, so why not start with Salams. We don't mean start your conversation with "Salams", like that's a given. As a Muslim, you start your conversations with the Islamic greeting "Salams". In general, conversations could lead to meaningful relationships, which could lead to marriage. If you think about it, the word "Salams" literally brings Muslims together by giving that heart-felt message of "peace" to your fellow Muslim. Start your conversation with other Muslim Singles with "Salam" on Salams : Open Salams Now

Seek Advice from your Muslim Community

These are tips from Muslims who met online and were single once before like you. They knew the stresses of finding a muslim spouse in this day and age and found their soulmate on Salams. Thus, they are experts in the field of finding a muslim partner online. But please remember every Muslim and situation is unique. It's important to use your judgment and seek advice from trusted individuals in your community as well. Check out the Salams Success stories here. So like go start your conversation with other single Muslims with "Salams" on Salams. May Allah bless you with a righteous and compatible spouse!

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