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5 Tips to Help You Find a Muslim Spouse

The Salams Team

It can be a real challenge in the modern world to find a Muslim spouse that you can spend the rest of your life with. Muslim dating requires adherence to a strict set of principles and guidelines that are influenced by your cultural background. If you are a single Muslim interested in finding a marriage partner, then you may be wondering what you can do to meet a potential mate. 


There are plenty of creative ways that you can go about finding a suitable match. Whether you want to find someone on your own or would prefer the referral of a friend or family member, Muslim dating can sometimes be a bit complicated. But if you’re a faithful Muslim, you may want to ensure you’re meeting people and spending time with a potential match according to the Holy Quran’s direction.

Here are five tips to help you find your future spouse and maintain your faith practices.

  1. Use a Muslim Dating App Like Salams

The first and most obvious way to find a Muslim spouse is through a dating app. This brings many people who are serious about marriage to one central location. Even if there is not a thriving Islamic community in your local area, you can be connected with other Muslims around the world or on the other side of the country. Salams is an excellent dating app that is tailored specifically to Muslims. 


This dating app has more than 3.8 million users who are searching for someone to marry. As of 2022, Salams has orchestrated matches that lead to 100,000 success stories of marriages, along with a whopping 2 billion matches. 


One of the reasons so many Muslims love this app to help them find a Muslim spouse is because it allows them to focus on compatibility rather than appearance or other less important factors. You can blur your photo so that potential matches focus on your profile, personality, and beliefs. 

Creating a great profile is key to finding others who align with your beliefs. Many people also like Salams because it enables them to communicate with matches directly on the platform. You can use the following communication methods via Salams:

The best part about all of this is you can use Salams and engage without ever having to give out personal information like your cell phone number. 

  1. Ask Your Friends and Family for Help

Chances are that nobody knows you better than your existing friends and family members. They might have a good idea of who you could be compatible with and can make an initial introduction for you. 

Because you will already have a mutual friend in common, you can also ask this person to chaperone your first dates. This gives you an easy way to connect with a potential match. 


If you struggle to find a Muslim spouse on your own, there is no shame in letting others know that you would appreciate a little help! Many people are happy to make introductions on your behalf so that you can find the perfect spouse. 

  1. Join Muslim Social Groups

If you have a thriving Islamic community in your area, a Muslim social group can be a great way to meet new people. Get together with a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to living according to the Holy Quran. 


You might attend outings to the local mall or the movies. Sometimes, you may even dive deeper into your study of the Holy Quran together. No matter what the activity, you are sure to have a good time and possibly make a lasting connection. 


As a bonus, it also means that any outings you go on with your potential significant other will have built-in chaperones. This is essential for halal dating to keep the temptation for physical intimacy in check. It is a safe way to explore whether someone could be a great future match for you. 


Salams can also help you make more same-gender friends that you can include in your social circle. The more friends you have, the more likely they will help you make a connection that leads to a future marriage! 

  1. Meet People at Your Mosque

Are you already a part of your local mosque? Try putting yourself out there more and meeting new people here. If they are at the mosque with you, you know that they must have a solid foundation of faith in Islam. You can rest assured that a potential mate will want to uphold the standards set out by the faith you both profess. 


Even if you only associate with same-gender friends at the mosque, you can always ask for an introduction to a potential marriage partner. New friends may have a wider social circle and interact with different people in the community. This could be a great way to find a Muslim spouse. 

  1. Attend Events for Single Muslims

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there are many single Muslims, you may want to consider attending singles events. These events allow you to meet many new people searching for that special someone. Whether through mingling or speed-dating, you can strike up a conversation with unique people who share your faith. 


These events will also have many chaperones to ensure you are following all of the rules for Muslim dating.


Are you interested in singles events for Muslims but can’t find any in your area? You can organize your own event. Advertise for it at local mosques and community centers with a high Muslim population. You might be surprised at the turnout for an event like this! 

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