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Things to Know When Dating a Muslim Girl

The Salams Team

Dating a Muslim girl can be a unique experience for many men who want to keep a halal relationship in alignment with the Quran. Understanding the different Muslim dating practices and customs expected from men and women allows you to navigate your new relationship more easily.

It can be easy to find a Muslim woman on a dating app like Salams, but upholding the relationship with dignity and honor can be challenging. With this in mind, you might want to educate yourself on traditional Muslim dating rules to prepare for your new relationship.

How Do You Meet a Muslim Girl to Date?

One of the most common questions relates to finding Muslim women to date. Whether you want someone who originates from a Middle Eastern country or resides in the United States, a Muslim dating app helps to facilitate connections between you and women who are interested in finding a husband.

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How to Have a Halal Relationship

Having a halal relationship means following the rules for modesty and purity. There are many ways to go about ensuring that your new relationship follows the guidelines laid out by the Quran and traditional Islamic practices.

Some of these practices for dating a Muslim girl include:

Whether you are new to the world of Islamic dating or are more experienced, these are excellent guidelines to keep in mind.

Traditional Muslim Dating Rules

Your new partner may not be as strict when following the traditional rules associated with Muslim dating. However, it is still important to keep these in mind to safeguard your relationship with purity.

These are just a few of the expectations that you may want to follow in traditional culture:

No Time Alone Together

In traditional partnerships, men and women are not permitted to spend time alone together. This prevents them from falling prey to the temptation to give in to their desires.

A chaperoned meeting is the norm for Muslim girls who wish to date because it can protect their modesty and reputation from harm.

Quick Courtships

Traditional Muslim relationships go from courtship to engagement quickly. This is not a religion in which you may spend years dating the same person. Once you are committed to a Muslim woman, you should honor her by praying about the possibility of moving forward with her in holy matrimony.

In many cases, this happens within months instead of years, as is common in more modern Western culture.

Chaperoned Visits

According to the Quran, males and females who are unmarried should not spend time alone together. Women should be accompanied by a relative whenever they meet with a man, even if they are potential suitors. Some Muslims are open to meeting as long as it’s in a public place (e.g. a coffee date at a cafe).

Following Muslim Dating Traditions

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