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Muslim couples all around the United States and the world are seeking after the ultimate experience of their union with one another: Muslim marriage. Marriage in Islam is a serious undertaking that a man and woman should not enter into lightly. 

If you are prepared to put love and mercy at the top of your priority list, then you may be ready to join as husband and wife in Islamic society.  

The real question is, how do you find the men and women of your choice in modern Islamic social circles? Salams is here to help you find the perfect partner for a lifetime of happiness together.

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4 Million Muslims
2 Billion Matches
210,000 Marriages

Why Choose Salams

The purpose of marriage is to bring honor to Allah and preserve the religion as you move forward with creating a new family. While arranged marriage may still be popular in some parts of the world, many Muslims prefer to find their own partners. 


Salams is available to help you find created-for-you mates with almost 4 million users for you to choose from.


One way to ensure that there is mercy between your hearts is to base your relationship on the firm foundation of Islam instead of physical attraction. Users have the option to blur their photos from potential suitors so that they can focus on personality and religious compatibility when they intend to marry women and men. 


Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Muslim dating rules and rituals you may encounter. Salams supports all Muslims, and each individual may have their own requirements in a marriage partner.

How Salams Helps You Find a Muslim Marriage Partner

To date, Salams has created more than 2 billion matches for its users just like you. Men and women who sign up for this dating service are committed to finding a serious relationship within their Muslim community that will bring honor to their families and abide by Islamic law. They are striving for a Nikah ceremony (what the marriage contract is called).  

Salams has many key ways that they approach dating and relationships among modern Islamic couples. Beyond just blurring out photos, Salams has a rigorous platform that allows users to connect without sharing personal details like their phone number. The platform can be used for:  

Text messaging
Voice messaging
Video chats 

Once you learn the dos and don'ts of setting up your profile, you can instantly connect with potential partners. You will view the profile, at which point you can swipe right to learn more or left to pass. Salams will only make a match if both parties privately swipe right on each other.

210,000 Marriages Started on Salams

If you are eager to meet your perfect match and marry only someone you are serious about, then search for Muslim men and women on Salams. We have made over 210,000 matches that ended in Muslim marriage for our users.