Meet Muslims

Are you eager to meet Muslims that you can connect to on a deeper level? While many people use Salams to start romantic relationships, we also have a great success rate with helping people meet other faith-based individuals looking for friends. 

With Salams, you can network with people just like you who will encourage you to be strong in your faith. You can share your commitment to daily reading of the Quran and praying to Allah. 

If you are interested in meeting more Muslim friends, you need to know where to go to find the people you can connect with.

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3 Million Muslims
2 Billion Matches
45,000 Marriages

Meet Muslims Online

The internet provides a great resource for those who are interested in meeting others with a similar faith. There are many social media sites or popular apps you can use to connect with friends. However, Salams offers a new way to meet Muslims online so that you are only searching for new friends who have your faith in common. 


While you can use the app to locate potential spouses for Muslim matrimony (and we have tons of success stories!), you can also switch modes to find friends. Search for people who are the same gender so that you can better connect with them. 


You will be able to create a unique profile just to connect and network with potential friends. These profiles will be a bit different than dating profiles


By setting up a separate profile for connecting with friends, you can customize your pictures and see a variety of topic questions to help others to get to know you. 


All you have to do is head to the home page of the app and select the waving icon at the top. This allows you to toggle back and forth between different profiles so that you can customize your experience on the app.

Network with Muslims

Perhaps you’re more interested in creating networking opportunities to advance your career and open the door wide on new opportunities. Fortunately, Salams can also help with this pursuit. 

If you want to network with Muslims, it has never been easier than with Salams. 

In addition to Muslim matrimony and friendship, we also arrange networking opportunities with Arab Muslims and Muslims in the United States. 

You can make connections with people all over the world or narrow it down to only those in your area using your GPS location. Both are great opportunities to put yourself out there with new people.  

We will make match suggestions that we think you will enjoy. Choose to swipe right or left on a given match. You will only be connected with individuals who swiped right on you as well. 

Even if you aren’t looking for Muslim marriage, you can take advantage of networking with all of the individuals already on the app. This allows you to meet Muslims of your gender without utilizing our dating services.

Make New Muslim Friends

If you are searching for Muslim friends, Salams understands how important it is to connect with people of the same gender. Salams will never show men and women the profiles of people of the opposite gender as long as they are utilizing the Salams Connect mode. 

Feel free to search for your new best friend and meet fellow Muslims without worrying about online dating. 


Some of the ways Salams helps you connect with new people include: 


  • Messaging through the platform
  • Voice messaging
  • Video calling


You can also opt to meet up in real life. Look for Muslim friends who are close to you using your GPS location. 


Muslim singles love our app for online dating, but this is not the only capability it has. We have more than 2.5 million single Muslims on our platform, many of whom are interested in connecting with friends who are just like them. 


Salams has made more than 2 billion matches: more than many other Muslim dating sites. Make sure to connect with Salams if you want to find a robust platform where you can meet Muslims.