What is Haram Dating

Haram Dating

Finding the perfect partner when you are a Muslim can be a bit of a challenge. Many people wonder if they have crossed the line into haram dating. The good news is that Islam does permit you to date with the end goal of marriage in mind. However, a relationship that is entered into solely for pleasure is considered to be a type of haram and should be avoided. 


What are some of the tenets of haram dating? Learn more about how to avoid this type of dating and how to bring honor to your relationship here. 

What Is Haram Dating?

In the modern age, many young Muslims are interested in dating and experiencing all that love has to offer without the commitment of marriage. They claim that they are boyfriend and girlfriend with no intention of pursuing a long-term commitment to one another. 

The rise of many popular dating apps encourages these young people to play the field and date as many people as they want. 


Unfortunately, this is considered to be haram dating in Islamic culture. 


Dating is permitted in the Muslim faith as long as the end goal is marriage. While you should take time to get to know a potential spouse before marriage, there are certain guidelines you need to adhere to for halal dating. 


The most important thing, even when online dating, is that you consider the potential for a future with your new partner. Muslim women and men must be concerned with finding the right match, something that is encouraged in the Islamic faith. Love is celebrated in the Holy Quran when approached in the right way. 

For Men

Muslim couples have unique actions that they must take if they want to honor their relationship as halal. Dating a Muslim girl comes with its own set of rules that you must abide by if you want to honor her. 


First and foremost, Muslim men will need to put more thought into planning their dates. Men and women are not permitted to be alone together until after marriage has taken place. There is too much temptation for physical contact or inappropriate speech when there are no chaperones available. 


As a result, men must either arrange for a neutral third-party to accompany the couple on their date or plan to meet only in a public place where people can freely come and go. 

For many young couples, it is easiest to plan a group date with other local Muslim couples who are likewise interested in getting to know their spouses before marriage. 

For Women

The Muslim dating rules are quite strict. Women who are dating a Muslim guy must be equally careful to remain pure. 

As with men, it is forbidden to have physical contact with the opposite sex until the Muslim wedding rituals (the Nikah ceremony and the Walima celebration) have occurred. 


For women, there are other parts of haram dating that should be accounted for, as well. In halal dating, the couple should seek the permission of the woman’s family when she is attempting to find a match. The family can weigh in with whether they feel like a potential suitor is a suitable match. They can also be involved throughout the whole process. 


Haram dating is different. With this approach, the woman may pursue a relationship with anyone without running it past her family. She does not seek the approval of trusted counselors within her family or the Muslim community, including her parents. Instead, she might seek a relationship out just for fun, without the intention of finding a spouse. In the Muslim community, this approach is strongly discouraged.

When Is Dating Considered to Be Haram? 

Many young people wonder when their dating crosses the line into being haram instead of halal. The answer may not be entirely clear to many men and women who are interested in pursuing a relationship with each other. 

In short, haram dating occurs when there is no intent for marriage or a future together. 


In contrast, halal dating is done with the future in mind. There is an extreme focus on compatibility for the long haul with men and women seeking out a relationship that can last for the rest of their lives. 

If you are dating someone just because it is fun or because you are physically attracted to them, you have crossed the line into haram dating. 


One of the other major signs of haram dating is having physical contact before marriage. With halal dating, there should always be an emphasis on purity when pursuing a relationship with someone. The man should seek to honor the woman and preserve her integrity and purity. 


This is why meeting for your dates in public or with a chaperone is so important. There is little to no temptation when someone is supervising meetings with a potential partner that you are interested in romantically. 


Of course, there is always a possibility of haram dating when having a conversation or getting to know a potential match.

On some of the most popular Muslim dating apps, such as Salams, you have the option to chat with a member of the opposite sex before deciding whether you would like to pursue a halal relationship with them. 


You can communicate with them directly on the platform without giving them your personal details such as a phone number. Communication occurs through: 


  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Video chats


Even during these early conversations, it can be helpful to have a chaperone. This neutral figure can be a third party that silently observes the interaction between the two of you. 

Oftentimes, this is a relative of the female partner. There is less chance of lewd or inappropriate conversation topics when you know that someone is supervising your interactions with a mind for purity. 

Haram Dating in Modern Culture

Unfortunately, there is a lot of haram dating in modern culture. Particularly in the Western world, there is a large emphasis on dating for recreation and pursuing casual sex with many partners. In the Muslim faith, this is not what dating is supposed to be. 


Haram dating is any type of relationship between a young man and woman who are not seeking out a long-term partner. If marriage is not the end goal for your relationship, then you need to consider whether your relationship is honoring to Allah. While physical love is not forbidden in Islam, it is best to save your affections for a future spouse. 


If there is any type of physical contact with a member of the opposite sex, it is considered to be haram dating. This goes against the philosophies found in many modern cultures in which premarital sex and other types of physical contact are commonplace. In the Islamic faith, you must aim to preserve purity and honor one another in this way. 


While it may not be popular among younger generations, halal dating brings honor to both parties in the relationship and can strengthen your bond before marriage. It adds a layer of complication when it comes to arranging dates or having chaperoned conversations, but it is ultimately an important undertaking. 


You should always seek out relationships with the goal of marriage. Aim to come to a conclusion quickly about whether your partner is the right match for you as a husband or wife. If you decide that there is no future, you should break off the relationship immediately instead of continuing to date just for pleasure. 

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